Video Shows Slater Sliding To Freedom At Kennedy Airport

NBC has released this video showing ex-flight attendant Steven Slaters wild ride down the escape slide on his JetBlue flight. In the meantime, JetBlue has been criticized for not cooperating in the early investigation of the incident.

Notably, ad executives are surprised that JetBlue did not use the added publicity for its own advantage.

There are also conflicting reports on whether Slater or the passenger was the cause of the confrontations.

7 thoughts on “Video Shows Slater Sliding To Freedom At Kennedy Airport”

  1. Comfortable, relaxing, usually arrive in the center of the city … dinning car, suites for overnight travel … okay, a bit slower than air travel but oh-so-much nicer.

  2. I have no sympathy for the airline industry.

    Having pitiful customer satisfaction causes cranky customers which in turn cause a stressful work environment for those who have the most face time with the actual traveling public – the flight crews.

    It’s not rocket science.

  3. I don’t think this is funny at all. Flying used to be a joy and the passengers’ complaints for years have been met with horrendous neglect by the Industry. Even safety and comfort issues are irresponsibly ignored. [When studies showed that people suffer DVT’s from long cramped flights did they take out a row or 2 of seats to alleviate the risk they put people in?] Now their very own staff can’t take the environment created by Managements neglect. Flying sucks and most of the population is grounded but still subsidizing business flights.
    So what’s funny?

    Here is something I had never heard before this blog…’the fish rots from the head’ well Airlines are a big stinky fish. I’ve heard a lot of people are very much behind Mr. Slater, me too…a profession should not cause this reaction in a human bean….

  4. It looks like the plane was at the gate and fully stopped. The passenger who got up to remove a bag from the overhead probably figured that the pilot had forgotten to turn off the seatbelt sign.

  5. One report that I have read states that another passenger stated that a confrontation happened when the person accused of causing the confrontation took another passengers overhead bag out of the storage bin because hers would not fit. That was at the beginning of the flight and she was irascible on the entire flight.

    I think its kinda funny what were those famous words: Make my day and Hasta La Vista, Baby….

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