7 thoughts on “Following The Paper Trail”

  1. eniobob– Terrific video and who doesn’t love Joan Jett and the Blackhearts?? (and of course, The Kid on the drums)

  2. the cat did it then called for help. the dog, desperate to help his little buddy, was just digging through the paper trying to find him.

  3. AY,
    I am with you. This poor puppy was just merely chasing that darn cat and got tangled up in the paper. It was self defense!

  4. Optimistically, with all that toilet paper, there’s got to be a scatological joke in here somewhere.

  5. Why does this remind me of a congressional session about deficits? Is this a harbinger of the days when we begin to print money on toilet paper?

    The endless deficits are the residue of the endless wars which are the residue of the endless addiction to oil.

    According to Lloyd’s of London and The Chatham House Iraq will soon become the world’s #1 producer of our drug of choice.

    That may assuage the deficit if the oil money trickles down to the budget and to the people, but not many would hold their breath for that eventuality.


  6. See what that cat did, I bet I get blamed for it says the little puppy…..

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