English Social Workers Pay For Prostitutes and Lap Dances for Welfare Clients

Public relief officials in England have approved funding prostitutes and lap dances for the disabled as legitimate expenses under social services regulations. In one case, local officials paid off on the use of public funds for a prostitute in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam trip was paid for a 21-year-old with learning disabilities to have sex with a prostitute. His social worker insisted that the agency must meet the needs of their clients and that the young man was frustrated and angry over his circumstances.

Likewise, another social worker insisted that lap dances were important to the “mental and physical well being” of their clients — a position that many men have taken with less success in conversations with their wives.

Another man with mental health problems from Norwich received public support for an internet dating site and a trip to Tunisia.

Source: Telegraph.

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  1. BIL, she was indeed unique. I was very sorry that her life was cut short. I thought she would go on to become one of the great comedians. I saw an interview of Wilder (was that not a marriage made in heaven?) several years after she died and he was still pining for her.

    Speaking of two sides of the same coin I’ll leave you with dragons; very small, fierce dragons. Have a good night.


  2. Speaking of which . . .


  3. LK,

    You are in good company with Emily. Speaking of which, I couldn’t sleep last night and was listening to comedy radio on the Internet. They played a piece by Gilda Radner where she was giving the commencement speech to the graduating class of Columbia School of Journalism as her character Rosanna Rosannadanna.

    I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.

    She was one funny gal and I know why Gene Wilder never remarried.

    Gilda was unique and a hard act to follow.

  4. BIL, The ProStitution as opposed to the ConStitution, duh… well, like the old Emily Litella tag-line goes “Never mind” 🙂

  5. are we talking about high end Heidi Fleiss type escorts or streetwalking crackwhores?

  6. LK,

    I agree totally, but I was really laughing at John Hodge’s segment on The Daily Show that W=c provided in which he “revamps” the Constitution and he starts with that “negative name”.

    Now pass the weed and call the hookers! (Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud?)

  7. In fact I’ll elaborate:

    I had a severely handicapped relative that never got laid. Now, before his injuries he was a devastatingly handsome man, I just know he was getting some action. After his injuries, not so much as John Stewart would say. The VA would pay for boxes of addicting drugs to be sent to him monthly (as well they should) but IMO a chit for a paid companion every now and then would have certainly improved the quality of his life and made him feel better. Good for the Brit’s on this one. Srsly.

  8. I’m with HenMan on this one.

    BIL, it’s only a problem if the prostitution is illegal in the relevant countries. IMO the biggest problem with prostitution in America is the same biggest problem with weed and other recreational drugs in America: they’re illegal. 🙂

  9. My bags are packed and the taxis waiting…..You don’t say….where do I sign up for this benefit?

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