The Ice Man: Oregon Man Arrested for Making Dry Ice Bombs

Douglas Kaynor, 59, is facing some charges that make him sound like he is an al qaeda operative. Kaynor was arrested for an act tried by countless teenagers: making a bomb out of dry ice and soda bottles. He is now facing, however, some serious charges and a long potential jail stint.

Kaynor was setting off the bombs in his backyard when neighbors complained about what sounded like gun shots. The police found Kaynor in his yard, which had pieces of soda bottles scattered about. He had one unexploded soda bomb.

He has now been charged with five counts of unlawful possession of a destructive device, five counts of unlawful manufacture of a destructive device and four counts of disorderly conduct.

I am not making excuses for Kaynor. However, these charges seem a bit excessive. There are countless sites on how to make dry ice bombs and even videos. No one was hurt by Kaynor and this would seem a case where a stern warning might have sufficed.

Source: OregonLive

18 thoughts on “The Ice Man: Oregon Man Arrested for Making Dry Ice Bombs”

  1. If the police and prosecutors have things so under control that they have time for bullcrap like this, then obviously they’ve got an excess of money; so their budgets need to be reviewed and cut.

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  3. This arrest just shows how dense police men have became he was an old man having a second childhood he was doing it on hos own property not anyone elses he was not damaging anyone property these idiot cops should have either charged him for disturbing the peace or told him not to make these dry ice bombs again which I might add college professors do in class rooms all the time on a small scale.

  4. This is a waste of taxpayer money and court time. The cops who arrested this innocent man are exercising poor judgement.

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  6. If the police and prosecutors have things so under control that they have time for bullcrap like this, then obviously they’ve got an excess of money; so their budgets need to be reviewed and cut.

    If they’ve not got real crime under control, then what the hell are they doing wasting time and money and effort on this?

  7. fear engenders a need for control…plus, these people obviously didn’t grow up w/brothers of the Beevis and Butthead variety……acetylene ballons were the favoured big booms in my neighborhood.

    i’M StillSHEllshocKED……..

  8. America has the highest incarceration rate in the WORLD…

    I can see we are becoming a police state, not just for this overblown incident, but many others just like it, or worse.

  9. which is the most civilzed andliveable country to live in right now? Canada? someplace in Europe?
    Who has the fewest thugs and the sanest, least paranoid, and least mob=like Government?

  10. He’s shaking a cola bottle! He’s making a bomb! Stop this dangerous individual!

  11. Making a pond with fertilizer? I must have missed that bit of trivia while looking for weird stuff on the intertubz’s at 3:00am. (3:00 am being an insomniac’s ‘prime-time’.) I’ll have to do a Google.

    Yes, overcharged.

  12. Agreed, way overcharged (assuming he shouldn’t have just been issued a ticket for a noise violation and given a stern warning). He was doing this in his own backyard. Those charges would be appropriate if he took them to the mall and used them to start a panic.

  13. Just use Diet Coke and Mentos and call it a science experiment. That way they cannot charge you for having any illegal substances.

  14. AY, saw a guy make a pond with fertilizer on the farm when I was a kid – very impressive!

    I guess with drugs on a slow march toward legalization prosecutors have to find some new area to mash mosquitoes with sledgehammers. It seems a simple -Hey, knock that off you are annoying the neighbors & could get hurt – would have sufficed.

  15. McGyver he is not….I think this morning we have a trifecta, in the nominees for the Darwin Awards….but then again….wasn’t it the USDA that promoted using fertilizer to make your own stock pond? I seem to recall reading a pamphlet (fka brochure) in how to do just that….I am just amazed at stupid……

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