Oh, There It Is: Oil Plume Found 22 Miles Long and 3000 Feet Deep Despite Administration’s Public Statements

Faced with widespread criticism over its response to the BP oil spill and the President’s plan to lift the ban on drilling along the pristine areas off our East Coast, the Obama Administration launched a public campaign with officials like Carol Browner proclaiming that the oil seemed to just disappear. This was done a few days before the announcement that the President was going to allow drilling to resume. Now, that amazing disappearing oil has been located — an oil plume at least 22 miles long and 3,000 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico.

Browner and other officials insisted that it was simply nothing short of a miracle. In a five-page report released August 4 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it was claimed “a vast majority” of the BP oil spill is now completely gone. In the meantime, the Administration was criticized for avoiding questions about the millions of toxic chemicals used to disperse the chemicals despite a lack of knowledge on how the chemicals will affect the ecosystem and food chain for decades to come.

While Browner and others were saying that the oil had largely disappeared, various scientists condemned the report as “misleading if not totally inaccurate.”

If such a report was issued by the Bush Administration, environmentalists and liberals would be outraged and demanding resignations. However, the silence this week is deafening.

36 thoughts on “Oh, There It Is: Oil Plume Found 22 Miles Long and 3000 Feet Deep Despite Administration’s Public Statements”

  1. As they say in Texas, I can guarangoddamntee you that the US Government, which knows where every 300 foot-long Soviet sub in the world is, in real time, at any given moment, knew exactly where this 22-mile long plume was, all along. Of course, that would have required admitting that at least one part of the US Government, the part not COMPLETELY corrupted by Wall Street’s bribes disguised as “free speech”, can still find its ass with both hands.

  2. These are the same people who told us to take a big deep breath on 9/11 around the wreckage of the WTC cuz air quality wise everything was wonderful.

    I know a diff. admin. but same problem.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here. Trust us.

  3. Lottakatz:

    “There are a couple of big fish kills and tar balls coming ashore in New England. Maybe they should be looking there.”

    there is some sort of major bacterial bloom going on. The Chesapeake Bay is full of it and there is a warning not to eat any fish, crabs or shellfish from the bay. Same thing it sounds like up in New England. In the bay they are saying the hot weather is causing the bloom.

  4. W=^..^,

    As long as you send me a picture of the quilt when you’re done, feel free.

  5. Slarti, I love your fractal, everytime I see it it makes me want to quilt. Can I use it?

  6. lottakatz,

    I love how you referred to {W(t)=C : b < t < (now)}, I may have to steal that…

  7. I am glad all of the oil is gone because I had moved on to this “Mosque” thing in NY. Rubbing my hands together in anticipation of next weeks distraction!

  8. Hey sweetheart … I am doing well and god awful busy helping my daughter prepare for a party that has literally exploded in numbers of guests invited and actually coming. It would seem that everyone wants to celebrate this child’s miraculous life!

    So what you been doing while I’ve been gone? I’m sure leading a sedate and contemplative life of reflection and peace … what other choice do you have given this heat?

    Be heading out again on Sunday … I’m thinking mountains, pine trees, and crystal blue lakes … sounds good?

  9. Bonnie, I was born while Truman was president. If I think Obama has failed to uphold his promises, I will say something. He has and I do. Sad? You betcha!

  10. Bonnie,

    I, too, was born when Truman was president. Maybe some of us liberals and progressives are more liberal and progessive than the Obama administration thinks. Why should we just shut up when we think this administration is going in the wrong direction(s)? Isn’t that what what the conservatives/Republicans did when George W. was president? Look where that got us! I wouldn’t call what liberals and progressives are doing is bitching. I’d call it speaking out for what we think is right and just and holding the Obama administration to a higher standard.

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