Gators! Alligator Crawls Out of New York Sewer

Finally, an urban legend is proven. The story of alligators living in the New York sewers has long been a popular urban legend — supposedly flushed down toilets after being brought back as babies from Florida by New York kids.

There has now been one confirmed alligator living in New York sewers. Police caught the 18-inch gator when it crawled out of an Astoria storm drain.

It turns out that sewers have been called a “natural swamp” for gators.

Now go out and rent the 1980 movie Alligator. You can now find it in the documentary section.

Source: N.Y. Post

11 thoughts on “Gators! Alligator Crawls Out of New York Sewer”

  1. I’ve been looking for this movie forever, i cant find it any blockbuster or FYE in florida anywhere esp best buy. Sadly i like 80’s and 70’s horror compared to todays, To much effect’s and very predictable.

  2. Buddha,

    I had heard his real name is Shorty. But then again Stub seems to fit since he was with Dub—–ya…..

    Maybe the one that pissed the furthest got to ride on top of Air Force One. The other got stuck in the bottom….hell who knows what they do at Frat parties….I only know what TriDelts do…and do…and do…and do….and do….I am not the kiss and tell type.

  3. I was referring to Lynn, Byron. Everyone knows Dick’s behavior is directly attributable to his nickname “Stubby”.

  4. Bob,

    Cheney is bigger than 18 inches. And all the alligators I know resent the comparison. She’s a Neocon and they’re just cold blooded killers – although both have brains the size of a walnut.

  5. The reason why you haven’t seen the alligators is because the rats are the boss down there. Sewer rats are mean muthas and eat the alligators for lunch! This is one that just got away.

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