Not a Cat Person

People in Coventry are looking for this woman who is shown outside of the Sacred Heart School first petting a cat and then dumping it into a trash can.

The woman appears to hurry from the scene after her dumping of the cat. It is a good picture of the woman so, hopefully, she will be identified and presumably charged with cruelty against animals.

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  1. ‘After saying “it’s just a cat’ in response to the uproar over her decision to throw a neighbor’s cat into a trash bin, Mary Bale apologized Tuesday for her actions and said she will work with investigators who are looking into the matter.

    ‘I want to take this opportunity to apologize profusely for the upset and distress that my actions have caused,’ Bale said in a statement.

    ‘I cannot explain why I did this, it is completely out of character and I certainly did not intend to cause any distress to Lola or her owners. It was a split second of misjudgment that has got completely out of control.’

    Earlier in the day, the British-based Sun newspaper reported that Bale put the cat in the can as “a joke” and didn’t understand what the big deal was. “It’s only a cat,” Bale said, adding that she thought the cat would be able to wiggle its way out.

    On Wednesday, British police guarded the house of Bale, whose actions sparked outrage from animal lovers and even death threats.

    ‘Thought it would be funny’
    Bale, an unmarried 45-year-old banker, was reportedly walking home on Saturday when she saw the cat and began stroking it. She ‘suddenly thought it would be funny’ to throw the four-year-old feline named Lola in the trash.” [emphasis added]


    I’ve changed my diagnosis. She’s a sociopath, not a psychopath. The good news is that as a banker, she has a perfect job for a sociopath.

  2. doesn’t it seem a little odd that the cameras were there, just so, and kitty jumped up all friendly, just so (what cat does this w/strangers?) and the bin was there, just so, and it all came together…..just so….?

    [curiosity can make you paranoid…;)]

  3. The cat was found safe and the woman is due to be interviewed by the RSPCA. Hopefully, they’ll get her sorted out.

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