War Veteran and Amputee Denied Handicapped Sticker Because He “May Get Better”

In England, Lance Corporal Johno is facing a bit of a high demand from his government. After losing a leg in Afghanistan, Johno applied three times for a disabled parking badge. They finally informed him of the reason: he “may get better.”

They are clearly a lot tougher in England in dispensing parking stickers.

He has been repeatedly ticketed for using disabled spots when he has used his wheelchair due to complications with his leg.

He tried to explain that once his leg was blown off by a mine, he was unlikely to “get better.” He noted “I replied that they possibly did not quite understand the situation and that I thought it unlikely my leg would grow back.”

Source: Daily Mail

11 thoughts on “War Veteran and Amputee Denied Handicapped Sticker Because He “May Get Better””

  1. “Well it’s Tommy this and Tommy that
    And “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “thin red line of ‘eroes
    When the guns begin to shoot.”


  2. Perhaps the appropriate authorities have been led to believe that Lance Corporal Johno is actually a gecko.

  3. Well if they didn’t underfund the Silly Walks Ministry, these things might not happen.

  4. “Council’s Service Director Mr Paul McKay said: ‘We are looking into the matter and have arranged for a member of staff to meet Mr Lee to review the situation. We will urgently assess whether he meets the criteria for a disabled parking badge as laid down by the Department of Transport.'”

    Good thing McKay isn’t Lance Corporal Lee’s doctor or else his course of treatment for a missing leg would be to “walk it off”.


  5. Dr. Dwight Allen, former Dean of the College of Education at the University of Mass., Amherst, once told me a great truth. He said that since empowerment is what gives a person a feeling of worth and identity, it is important to engage in activity that gives one that empowerment.

    Since a middle level bureaucrat has no real ability to make things happen, or to create policy, it is most empowering for them to obstruct. Applications need to be “studied” and then turned down. That is enormously more powerful than expediting claims.

    Looks like this bureaucratic obstructionist is keeping common sense in a logic-tight box.

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