Putin’em In Their Place: Russian Leader Defends Police Brutality as Just Desserts For Protesters

Vladimir Putin took time off this week from trying to become a Russian action figure as a firefighter, whale shooter, and Hells Angel to return to a common conventional role: Russian dictator. With protests scheduled around Russia concerning the loss of civil liberties and his own prolonged rule, Putin defended any use of police brutalilty — promising protesters that they should expect a “whack on the bonce”.

The Russian street slang refers to beatings and Putin said that is precisely what protesters deserve. This is the man who George Bush insisted was good after looking into those steely action figure eyes.

The protests will occur throughout the world and have been taking place in Moscow and St Petersburg on the 31st of each month. Putin made clear that they need to ask for permission to protest and, if they don’t receive it, they are going to be beaten: “You’ve got it? Go and march. If not, you don’t have the right. Go to a rally without permission and you get a whack on the bonce. It’s that simple.”

He noted with approval that London demonstrators who protested without permission also got a “whack on the nut.” Putin added: “There, nobody is indignant. If the aim is to say something it must be done in a different way.”

Putin’s allies in Moscow have refused requests for protest permits.

The organizers have called these demonstration “Strategy-31 protests” after paragraph 31 of Russia’s constitution, which is supposed to guarantee freedom of assembly. It is not clear if Putin will add a paragraph 32 on the guarantee of “a whack on the bounce” when exercising the guarantee under paragraph 31.

Source: Guardian

Jonathan Turley

21 thoughts on “Putin’em In Their Place: Russian Leader Defends Police Brutality as Just Desserts For Protesters”

  1. Gyges,

    Tenuous or not, interesting story. I liked this line.

    “GORODNI: Provost Officer, let me offer you some advice. A government man does well to keep his eyes turned downward. When his gaze turns upward, his superiors may begin to feel defensive.”

    Herein lies some good advice for Congress in re reigning in the out of control Executive branch. They would be wise to follow this advice but not as Gorodni intended. Congress forgets that their superiors are We the People. In seeking to curry favor of the corporate over that of We the People, they are forgetting that by not looking down they are mistaking financial benefactors for their true superiors. There is palpable populist outrage in this country right now, much of being misdirected by the Tea Baggers and their corporatists masters Dick Armey and the Koch brothers. But beneath that lies the real danger for our elected officials – the layer of society that is not mislead by misdirection and knows the time to rise up is coming, but not so much an uprising against the government as an uprising against the corporate. When that day comes, then we’ll see if Congress has forgotten who they truly work for and if they have, I pity them.

  2. Jeepers Creepers
    1, August 31, 2010 at 5:14 pm
    “Please … whomever assigns these trolls … please, send us an organ-grinder, not the monkey”

    Dear Lord:

    please send someone who has the ability for original thought. How many times has that been used, Lord?

    yeesh, banal and trite.


    Stands to reason you would have heard it before.

    Hopefully you aren’t “homeschooling” anyone.

  3. amati1684,
    I agree with you, with this caveat: This crap in Russia goes back before Crazy Joe and the Tsarist scum. Look at the life and times of Peter The Great, who was in his day a reformer. Putin is definitely a KGB thinker. However, those thought processes are now happening here, GB, China and the rest of the world. Civil Liberties are on the ropes and fighting a rear guard action against repression. Our greatest hope for salvation comes from the fact that these leaders are sociopaths who having screwed their populace will then turn on themselves. The picture though is unfortunately bleak.

  4. I believe there was an article ahead of those comments, though you wouldn’t really know it. I just wish to say of Putin: once KGB, always KGB. How W looked in those eyes and failed to see Uncle Joe, I’ll never understand.

  5. Creepy Jeep,

    Trolling is a bit like programming. Garbage in, garbage out. So if you have complaints about the responses your nonsense generates, you need to be using a higher quality nonsense. This is a band of troll killers and so far all you’ve made us do is run on idle. The only thing sucking here would be . . . your weak ass posts. You and your big ol’ man-crush on fascists and authoritarians.

    As to both banal and trite, you should be an expert, as you see them every time you put word to page. Or look in the mirror for that matter. Because there is nothing more banal and trite than someone who regurgitates what they are told to regurgitate as to avoid the work that actual critical thought requires, to whit – thoughtless propaganda trolls who buy the Neocon line lock stock and oil barrel (the prime FOXNews demographic). Look to yourself. That should give you a guideline on what to avoid if you want the higher quality troll bashing. Pick up your game, dancing monkey. This is isn’t HuffPo’s amateur show. This is the Big Leagues. All of the regulars here are of a diverse background, but the one thing they have in common is critical thinking skills. Skills which you have yet to display, unlike past trolls.


    No more false attributions or quibbles about quotation marks, Herr Bootlicker?

    Come on. Insult one of us again instead of bringing some substance. It’s funny.

  6. ooh ooh I wanna play

    Jeepers Creepers: let’s see, you’re 14 and just received a thesaurus from your grandmother

    amirite?? did I win something?

  7. “Please … whomever assigns these trolls … please, send us an organ-grinder, not the monkey”

    Dear Lord:

    please send someone who has the ability for original thought. How many times has that been used, Lord?

    yeesh, banal and trite.

  8. Buddha Is Laughing
    1, August 31, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    “I’m really good at making bad actors and fools look more foolish. It’s a gift.”

    Jeepers Creepers
    1, August 31, 2010 at 4:37 pm
    I am eagerly awaiting an exhibition of your “gift”.


    Oooh … such repartee

    Please … whomever assigns these trolls … please, send us an organ-grinder, not the monkey.

  9. Notice trolls always come in pairs. They consistently compliment each other and claim to understand whatever pseudo profound statement the other writes.

    Note to whomever is in charge of assigning trolls: Please try to find a pair that are a little less shallow … I mean … these two are downright boring! It’s almost insulting …..

  10. Pst . . . your lack of education is showing, Creepy troll.

    What I’ve stated is correct. It is correct by definition. Ergo, the prime facie case is made for the Professor not quoting, but rather paraphrasing Bush. Which, unfortunately for you, nullifies GG’s criticism and your subsequent suck up. Your response, instead of attacking the statement’s contents, is to attack me.

    Which is just funnier than Hell.

    Seriously, better than you have tried to get at me with ad hominem attacks and it always backfires on them. Including some paid professional trolls, of which, you clearly are not. I’m what’s known as “insult proof”. But what’s worse for you, I’m really good at making bad actors and fools look more foolish. It’s a gift.

    But you keep it up, Amateur Hour.

    Since I’ve already provided the definition of pathetic, your further illustrations of just how pathetic you are simply function as funny fuel for the comedy fire.

    And you can quote me on that.

  11. there you go again writing definitions, I am glad you took my advice. I see you are working your way through the p’s although not in alphabetical order. Just yesterday it was pathetic, a word a day. Do you have one of those calendars on your desk?

  12. Only a propaganda troll like Jeep Creepy would think GG’s mis-characterization of flowered language as a quotation equates to a “good point”. Especially when a link to the original quote was provided.

    “I looked the man in the eye,” [Bush] said. “I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

    The Professor knows how quotes work. All lawyers do as their profession depends upon citation. While Bush may not have used the word dreamy specifically, it sure does sound like he has a man-crush on Vlad the Crowd Beater. A big ol’ dreamy man-crush on an authoritarian who represses his own people with violence and threats of violence.

    This changes nothing about the Professor’s post. It was not a quotation of Bush. It was a paraphrase at best.

    paraphrase /ˈpærəˌfreɪz/ , n., v.,

    1. a restatement of a text or passage giving the meaning in another form, as for clearness; rewording.
    2. the act or process of restating or rewording.

    The language is English.

    You clowns should really get some.

  13. geeba geeba:

    good point, maybe Blouise has some tea baggers in her past since she seems to know them so well.

  14. Geeba Geeba,
    …..Misquotes should not be utilized here for propaganda from such a distinguished professor. ….


    Honestly, GeeGee is funnier than barrel full of teabaggers!

  15. I don’t see any quotation marks from the Professor.

    That’s the problem with you Neocon trolls.

    You aren’t just lacking in comprehension, but in basic language skills.

  16. Bush never said “dreamy” eyes pal. Misquotes should not be utilized here for propaganda from such a distinguished professor. It would be akin to someone saying that their administration would be the most transparent one ever put into office. Or that we absolutely have to pass the “stimulus” plan immediately or the sky will fall … then, taking forever to actually spend the money for “shovel ready” projects. Oh wait … now I’m confused. I think that IS the case. Sorry.

  17. If you don’t like beating in the place formerly known as the USSR, then by all means come to the US, we will taser you, beat you, run over you, plant illegal narcotics on you and then deport you and your children as undesirables. This is even though you may have given us classified information. Your luck will depend upon your Port of Origin as this will be where you are sent back, provided that they will take you. So, maybe consider your options, as the US Government to my knowledge does not harangue the family’s yet. In certain cases this may be just official cooperation. I have yet to hear of family slayings by the government. Not to say that they don’t have a role in it….

  18. It would be nice if Dr. Laura and Sarah Palin could read this and, maybe, learn something about having one’s freedom of speech beaten away.

    Actually, Palin probably SAW it live when she was out gardening or something.

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