Warring Against God: Human Rights Activist and Journalist Tried Under Sharia Law

Iranian authorities are seeking a potential death sentence for a human rights activist and journalist, Shiva Nazar-Ahari, 26, for the crime of “warring against God.” Since the regime views itself as the expression of Allah’s will on Earth, Sharia law allows virtually any opposition to the government to constitute “warring against God” in the twisted logic of the Iranian regime.

She is simply charged with “Moharebeh (warring against God), conspiring and gathering to commit a crime, propaganda against the regime and harming public order.”

Nazar-Ahari was first arrested shortly after Iran’s heavily contested June 2009 presidential election. She was then re-arrested in December while on her way to the religious city of Qom for the funeral of dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.

Despite efforts in the United States to lower the wall of separation, Iran continues to give the world a continuing lesson in the perils of intermingling faith and government.

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Jonathan Turley

11 thoughts on “Warring Against God: Human Rights Activist and Journalist Tried Under Sharia Law”

  1. The strange power of religion lies in its ability to remove from human beings any imperative for rational thought or action. We
    have seen this played out from the beginning; why should we expect the 21st century to be any different?

  2. A: “Jesus’ message was peace and tolerance”
    B: “Jesus’ message was love and prudence”
    A: “Blasphemy! Drop the bombs!”

  3. Is there any doubt that if elements of fundamentalists Christians came to power here, we’d have the same craziness? In the middle ages the Church of Rome was just as crazy, Inquisition anyone? Hindu establishment has no great record. Even Zen Buddhists fought wars over which school of Zen to follow. The teachings of religious
    precepts isn’t necessarily bad, but when they organize into institutions watch out!

  4. Since the regime views itself as the expression of Allah’s will on Earth..

    Sounded like the GOP for a second there…

    Axis of Evil, or Axis of Allah… I don’t mind as long as we can keep bashing their heads together..

    Great point Buddha…
    Also, as George Carlin pointed out. God and this Allah-doofus are all-knowing and all-powerful, and they have a devine plan… However, it seems these devinities always need a bunch of backward people to keep fighting their good fights and keep praying to them as to change their devine plans… Further, especially in the US, this God just can’t seem to handle money, … he always needs more.

    Gods are pussies. I trust in my dick.

  5. God can go screw Himself, and so can the State of Iran.

    How’s that for warring against God? 😉

  6. BIL:

    How soon your forget that “with god all things are possible” – all things indeed.

  7. I am wondering when the we become God and the Constitution was replaced by the Sharia Laws? I seem to recall some article about being an enemy combatant being shot on site……

  8. Let me get this straight.

    Some mortal being is warring against a god and you humans have to defend he, she or it.


    Sounds more like a child or a kitten or some other defenseless thing rather than a being capable of creating the universe. One would think a being with that skill set would be quite capable of defending themselves. That or your god is a total candy ass.

    Pick one.

    This isn’t a false dilemma.

    A god by definition needs humans to protect it like a bacterium needs a particle accelerator.

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