The Senate trial for United States District Court Judge Thomas Porteous begins Monday morning. I will be therefore out of pocket for the coming week and part of next week. Unfortunately, that means that postings will be extremely limited but I expect the denizens of this blog to post stories as comments in my absence. I will try to post a little each day on the schedule for the trial and maybe even a story to facilitate discussion depending if I have a second in the morning.

I am honored to be working with the finest litigation team that I have seen in my career. The law firm of Bryan Cave has joined me in this case pro bono and has (as usual) set a new standard for such cases. Bryan Cave won the ABA award for pro bono work this year. I am proud of my long association with Bryan Cave on cases over the many years. In leading this case, I am joined by my longtime friend and brilliant co-counsel, Dan Schwartz, former general counsel of the National Security Agency. Dan and I have been in many legal fights through the years and I could not imagine walking into the Senate on Monday without his calm and experienced guidance.

Partners John Peirce, Keith Aurzada, and Brian Walsh are also assisting in the case and have brought a wealth of experience to the effort. Keith and Brian are two of the country’s leading bankruptcy lawyers will be addressing those specialized issues at trial. Associates P.J. Meitl and Dan O’Connor have worked every aspect of this case — going around the clock as new evidence comes in on the very eve of trial. They have interviewed countless witnesses, researched countless cases, and helped write countless filings. They have helped build every inch of this case over the last few months and will argue the case with us this week. The Senate is about to see in action two of the best young lawyers in this country — as credit to both the team and Bryan Cave. Ian Barlow (Bryan Cave), Sergey Basyuk (GW), James (Brad) Currier (GW), Chris Crawford (GW), Amber Kahn (GW), Nikki Ott (BC) and Peter Shapiro (GW) are also assisting in the case and have done amazing work to prepare this case for trial. Finally, there is my tireless assistant Ashley Klearman who is keeping the office functioning as we litigate this case.

I have never seen their like in litigation and, while, we have had little sleep or family time in weeks, this historic case for me will always be remembered for their unyielding friendship and dedication.

The trial will be covered from gavel to gavel on CSpan television.

For those in Washington, the trial will be held in Hart Senate Office Building Room 216. It is a public trial with public seating. Opening arguments will start on Monday morning at 8 am. Proceedings will continue Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and may run to 7 or 8 p.m. The trial will likely resume the following Tuesday at 8 am and be completed in the afternoon.

Jonathan Turley


  1. The tainted and one-sided New Orleans federal ‘judicial council’ amazingly insults reason, by diverting attention away from the dishonest actions of Attorney CLAUDE LIGHTFOOT, who is also the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Court Judge / trustee who represented Porteous and Porteous’s now deceased wife when they filed bankruptcy. It was Lightfoot who advised the Porteouses to file their falsified bankruptcy case –which is now one the charges being used for impeaching Porteous. Lightfoot has been doubling as a judge / lawyer /trustee for over ten years –and has Yellow Pages advertisement to lure bankruptcy filers while at the same time he sits on the bench (and he apparently advises lying even though he sits in judgment of people’s bankruptcy filings) Some of us who know about Lightfoot and many other judicial improprieties by which we have been victimized ARE NOT AMUSED by a semblance of taint removal.

  2. AY,

    The answer to your question is “Yes, if you don’t mind getting hairballs.”

    And what you choose to do with your tongue is your business.

    On the serious side, yes you can, but you have to get them acclimated to it as kittens.

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