The Senate trial for United States District Court Judge Thomas Porteous has been suspended for the the Jewish holiday. It will resume on Tuesday.

This testimony on Tuesday will continue to discuss both Article III and Article IV
Porteous – Motion to Dismiss Article III

Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr.’sMotion to Dismiss Article IV

Porteous Pre-Trial Statement
Porteous Pre-Trial Statement – Exhibits


  1. “Judge Thomas Porteous and the ‘Devil’s Den’ from Whence He Came”

    “There is massive, inherent legal corruption in the judicial system, taking place in Louisiana, in what I call the “Devil’s Den.”

    “. . .even after exposure of irrefutable facts and truths at Porteous’ impeachment trial, scandalous behavior will continue because Porteous is not the only problem –just the most conspicuous culprit. . .”

  2. McCaskill and Twitter:
    Frank, I’m no fan of McCaskill but I don’t know what to make of those Tweets. Two of those Tweets look like sarcasm, the health care/greenhouse gas cap tweet and possibly the tweet about Kit Bond.
    If they’re not things are much worse than I realized, just shoot me.


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    McCaskill is the first elected woman to represent Missouri in the U.S. Senate. Jean Carnahan was appointed to the Senate following her husband’s death and posthumous election, but was defeated in a close election by Jim Talent.
    McCaskill has been selected by the DNC to lead a commission alongside Jim Clyburn that will investigate the rules and structure of the 2012 primary season.[25]

    Electoral history

    Missouri United States Senate election, 2006
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    Personal life

    McCaskill was married to David Exposito, with whom she had three children. The couple divorced in 1995, while McCaskill was Jackson County Prosecutor. Exposito was found murdered in Kansas City, Kansas on December 12, 2005[26]

    On the October 3, 2009 episode of NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, McCaskill spoke about a vacation early in her career as a lawyer, where she was a contestant on High Rollers. McCaskill would reign as champion for four days, and later sold several of her prizes to pay off her student loan debt.[27]

    In April 2002, McCaskill married St. Louis businessman Joseph Shepard. Shepard loaned $1.6 million to McCaskill’s 2004 gubernatorial campaign and also had business interests in the nursing home industry. Because as state auditor McCaskill was responsible for auditing the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, which regulates the state’s nursing home system, Shepard’s financial interests in the industry became an issue during the 2004 gubernatorial campaign.[28]

    In May 2007, an invitation for McCaskill to speak at the graduation of her daughter Maddie Esposito at Catholic St. Joseph’s Academy in St. Louis was withdrawn after the school president was contacted by a call from diocesan officials because of her position strongly supporting abortion and embryonic stem cell research.[29]


    Twitter star Sen. Claire McCaskill’s deleted tweetsBy Ben Palosaari, Wed., Sep. 1 2010 @ 2:58PM Categories: Politics

    Claire McCaskill: Senator, Twitter fiend.

    ​Claire McCaskill has been touted for her openness and frequent use of Twitter, and now she’s earning notice for keeping the micro-blogosphere somewhat balanced politically.

    U.S. News & World Report writes that McCaskill is the only Democrat among the five most-followed politicians and the top five most frequent politician posters. Still, even the most accomplished Twitter artist makes mistakes. We dug up a few of @Clairecmc’s 140-character gaffes.

    Going to China with my Bestie4Life Kit Bond to study how we can implement their lax pollution standards in America!

    Lost $300K last year. Ain’t no thing. Still rich! Section 8 housing is a goldmine! Hope @RobinCarnahan joins me in Sen & votes 2 extend Bush tax cuts!

    New DSCC ad rips Roy Blunt a new bunghole for voting for TARP. OMG, you guys, he is soooooo Washington! Wait, never mind.

    Going to tell Politico that we can’t cap greenhouse gasses because, you know, it took 50 years on health care. Do I sound out of touch?

  6. peneka,

    Bybee should be disbarred. End of story. 1L’s know better than to advocate torture under the terms of the Constitution. Hell, paralegals know better. The DOJ under my hand would make sure he was disbarred. No bar, no license, no Judge Bybee.

  7. Swarthmore mom: “I thought McCaskill would be a better senator. She just barely won. She is from Missouri, and that state is voting straight right wing republican these days. Carnahan looks like she is going to loose to Blunt. …”


    Unfortunately you’re right on eery point. FOX news has jumped into the race in a most interesting and novel way:

    “Fox News sues Dem candidate for ‘compromising’ its ‘objectivity’

    Fox News donated to Blunt campaign before suing his opponent”


  8. Here is a quote from the Madame Chair concerning Judge Bybee (I believe made in 2009): “It worries me that he’s sitting on the federal bench right now. Now, whether we should go down the road, I don’t think we want to look in the rearview mirror. I think this president has made that very clear. We’ve got big problems ahead of us we need to focus on.” Here is the entire article which the quote comes from:
    Apparently it’s ok to look in the rear view mirror in the Judge Porteous case, but not for Bybee’s torture memos.

    Another question I have: can someone explain how Bybee could be impeached for the memos that he wrote before he was named a federal judge? One must pretend there is an ideal and just system operating here where impeachment and removal from the federal bench of Bybee by Congress would be within the realm of possibility.

  9. Frank,

    If she’s the one who was seated next to the Chair on the right then her problem with blackberry alarms was no joke for the defense …

  10. Frank:

    “Norm Coleman” haven’t heard that name in awhile.But with the tea party in play he may rise like the Phoenix.

  11. Sadly, Klobuchar is a joke as a Senator. As a prosecutor she did an OK job but made sure she was out in front of the cameras when it was important. As a Senator she is an empty suit taking the easiest route on every issue . . . except the safe, feel-good crap like toy safety when, once again, her face is all over TV. She and Norm Coleman made perfect bookends; two empty suits playing Senator for TV.

  12. eniobob,

    “Third after my son took care of his buisness we walked outside to the car and he had gotten a “PARKING TICKET” go figure.”

    Possibly intentional entrapment by traffic court officials?

  13. eniobob,

    My sympathies … went through traffic court a couple of times with my youngest daughter but back then the fines were affordable and required moderate budgeting for a teenager. Now, from what I understand, fines are through the roof for even minor offenses.

  14. Blouise:

    No bond needed:-)).

    Haven’t been to traffic court or any court for that matter in awhile.

    First thing that was done all people who wanted to plead guilty for whatever they were charged with were asked to fill out a “FINANCIAL STATEMENT” if they wanted a payment plan on their fine.

    Second the judge was surrounded by microphones but you could barely hear him giving the people who were there on charges the instructions and rules of the court.

    Third after my son took care of his buisness we walked outside to the car and he had gotten a “PARKING TICKET” go figure.

  15. eniobob
    1, September 17, 2010 at 12:33 pm
    Back from my own little expierience this morning,if the senate decides to go ahead with the impeachment proceding,will the professor still be counsel on that or will another defense team take over?


    I trust you did not have to secure a bond and/or that you will not be asking all of us to contribute …..

    Good question and I second the asking as I just assumed I would be watching the Prof on the floor of the Senate … once again displaying my ignorance of legal procedures …..

  16. Spelling correction:
    I believe that certain panel members’ display of DISRESPECT for Professor Turley, Professor Pardo, and others is a poor reflection on those senators. It does not speak well of them.

  17. Back from my own little expierience this morning,if the senate decides to go ahead with the impeachment proceding,will the professor still be counsel on that or will another defense team take over?

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