Elderly Man’s Neck Broken in Confrontation With Orlando Police Officer Over Illegally Parked Car

Daniel J. Daley, 84, is in critical condition after an Orlando police officer broke his neck in a confrontation on the street where the officer threw him to the ground. Witnesses say that the World War II veteran merely touched the officer during an argument over the towing of his car while the officer describes it as being “struck.”

There had long been a disagreement over the use of parking spaces in front of a grocery store by bar customers. Daley is described as having had a couple drinks but not drunk.

Bar owner Tim Scott said Daley merely touched the unidentified police officer one to three times in a non-threatening fashion. He said the officer responded hip-checking the elderly man and throwing him bodily on the ground.

Another witness said the officer “body-slammed” Daley to the ground after the elderly man put his hands on the officer’s shoulders.

The police department is supporting the officer — saying that he was drunk and belligerent.

Daley, who served in both World War II and the Vietnam War, had never been arrested before this incident.

Source: Palm Beach

28 thoughts on “Elderly Man’s Neck Broken in Confrontation With Orlando Police Officer Over Illegally Parked Car”

  1. The cops in this country are COMPLETELY out of control. This problem will continue to get worse, by the day, if something isn’t done to put them in their place. This is nobody’s fault but “we the people” in embracing Fascism in lieu of our constitution. If we the people are glad to surrender our freedom to the fascist regime and their Nazi subordinates infesting our nation’s capital and state capitals across this decaying country of ours.

    If there is a rogue cop in your community, hunt his ass down and kill him. To hell with THEIR due process because the filthy dirt bag will get a job elsewhere (maybe your community) and eventually will end up killing someone…who knows, maybe your kid,, family member, friend…even you.

  2. The cop was being the egotistical asshole that they generally are. This old fart will never have any quality of life is he survives the beating. It’s a shame to live to be 84, survived two wars and meet his destiny in Whorelando by a punk cop. Shame on the chief of Police for condoning this “jackbooted, Gestapo, storm trooper’. Fi on both of them.

  3. The simple fact is we are not hiring smart enough people as cops. These mistakes smell of stupidity.

  4. Blouise: “How are things going? Had a minor scare here but all turned out well.”

    I’m sorry to hear about your “scare”. Those take their toll.

    We have a new treatment plan as of Tuesday that is totally counterintuitive. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that I have little faith that it will. I’m not a person of faith though so every day starts with the same mental assumption; it’s going to be a good day … or not. That’s a life view and has been for years but it’s more pointed of late.

    Best of luck to you and yours.

  5. The old man was out of line. He’s 84 and had a few drinks in him. What’s the cop’s excuse? Sounds like he needs to go back through the academy a time or two, paying particular attention to the part about appropriate force and anger management. On second thought, anybody who hears a threat from a soused elderly curmudgeon and reacts like that maybe shouldn’t have a uniform, badge, or gun. WWAGD? (What would Andy Griffith do?)

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