Elderly Man’s Neck Broken in Confrontation With Orlando Police Officer Over Illegally Parked Car

Daniel J. Daley, 84, is in critical condition after an Orlando police officer broke his neck in a confrontation on the street where the officer threw him to the ground. Witnesses say that the World War II veteran merely touched the officer during an argument over the towing of his car while the officer describes it as being “struck.”

There had long been a disagreement over the use of parking spaces in front of a grocery store by bar customers. Daley is described as having had a couple drinks but not drunk.

Bar owner Tim Scott said Daley merely touched the unidentified police officer one to three times in a non-threatening fashion. He said the officer responded hip-checking the elderly man and throwing him bodily on the ground.

Another witness said the officer “body-slammed” Daley to the ground after the elderly man put his hands on the officer’s shoulders.

The police department is supporting the officer — saying that he was drunk and belligerent.

Daley, who served in both World War II and the Vietnam War, had never been arrested before this incident.

Source: Palm Beach

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  1. i guess the reasons someone becomes a nurse are different than the reasons someone becomes a cop.
    as for me i’d rather piss off an entire police dept. than one e.r. nurse. safer too.

  2. Mr Daley’s family and their lawyer need to be aware that surgery on patients that age have about a 50% chance of death in the year after major surgery due to blood clots. It’s part of the decision making process whenever an elderly person has to consider surgery. Any honest doctor would advise his patients of that. I had two doctors tell me that in conjunction with my late fathers treatment- one that said he needed an operation and one that wanted him to not have an operation (two different situations) so I’d keep a close eye on Mr. Daley’s health for a while.

    If Mr. Daley dies subsequent to surgery, even up to a year, I’d be inclined to have an autopsy done and a wrongful death suit filed if a blood clot was involved. That cop may well have just killed Mr. Daley even if it takes a while.

  3. Mr Daley survived surgery and is recovering but let’s remember he’s 85 years old so positive thoughts for full recovery would not be out of place.

    The family has retained Mark Nejame who says he is evaluating the case. The State Attorney’s Office is also investigating the confrontation. There are several recorded 911 calls from eye witnesses.

    Officer Travis Lamont has been on the force since 2008 … has been investigated three times by the police internal-affairs division. In April, he wrongly arrested a man on a simple battery charge and had to ask a judge to release the man from jail. He received a written reprimand. (WFTV and The Palm Beach Post: Bianca Prieto
    Orlando Sentinel with contribution from Susan Jacobson)

  4. One of the things I’ve read and has been reflected here is that the older man was threatening to do something to the officer. I had a lot of experience watching older people deal with their nurses and aides when my dad lived at a nursing home. I watched nurses and aides deal with 80-somethings that were belligerent and losing control. No one got beat up or sent to the hospital. Sometime it was simply leaving someone alone- moving away and giving them space to calm down. Some of these older folks were no longer entirely rationale and less was more in dealing with them.

    The police have an attitude that everything is a nail to be hammered down. If $12. – $15. @hour nurses aides can diffuse potentially violent situations with older clients why can’t police. It’s not about money or training, it’s about attitude IMO.

  5. i’ve been hearing about this on the radio today. what they’re are not saying is the towtruck driver had already agreed not to tow the car,and the elderly gent had been playing golf all day and had a blood alcohol level of .18. one bar patron said Mr. Daley had 85% hearing loss. another said he heard Mr. Daley say he was gonna “put the cop on his ass”.
    Do hope the old guy is ok though.

  6. Police Chief Val Demings, the officers Chief had a couple of things to say about the matter:

    “If the same technique had been administered on a 40-year-old, I don’t think we’d be standing here having this conversation,” Demings said in her first public comments on the incident.”

    “It is always the actions of the suspect that determines the level of force that is used,” Demings said.”


    **Attitude much?**

    This from Raw Story:

    “The officer joined the department in December 2008. Since then, he damaged his patrol car twice and was reprimanded, records show. In April, he wrongly arrested a man on a simple battery charge and had to ask a judge to release the man from jail. He received a written reprimand.”


  7. Sure, he broke the guy’s neck, but think of the wonderful parking at the grocery everyone in the whole town will now enjoy, including the belligerent old drunk.

    Now, as a quadriplegic, he will be able to use the handicapped spaces without fear of being tazed until his heart stops. A win-win situation.

  8. I used to take care of psychiatric parients, including elderly people with DTs, alzheimer’s, and run of the mill psychoses. Beligerent people can be surpisingly violent and aeffective even if they’re elderly. OTOH, the likelihood of bodily damage to an older person is much greater. The cop was being a jerk. Police often have to deal with conflicts between other people and should be trained to de-escalate rather than body-check. the cops with whom I interacted in my mental health days often seemed far more afraid of people than they needed to be and this never helped the situation.

  9. Getting a face full of alcohol breath will not endear you to anyone, especially a cop. Add a little contact, and you’re in for a very bad afternoon. An over-reaction in this case to be sure, but a reaction expected.

  10. wizard2048 1, September 22, 2010 at 7:49 am

    just don’t touch police officers.. it is simple.


    It s kinda hard not to come in contract with someones fist when they are beating you…wanna find out go forth and disrespect an cop….thats where the unmilitary police officers are mostly different…

  11. Excessive use of force on the elderly… Doesn’t anyone teach police the headline news test? I mean, if you would be embarrassed by the headline just don’t do it.

    Especially with cars people often try to instinctively put “staying hands” on police. I have seen it, walking by on the street, countless times. The police usually successfully respond with verbal sharpness, side stepping, etc. Even if the man was drunk and belligerent, are there not other options than to put people on the ground? I find that hard to believe that this was necessary. Accidents happen but the police need to be held to a higher standard. I bet that police dept. just lost do much ground on bldg. public trust…

  12. The “officer” must have been a kid who was always screaming “Will you stop touching me!”

    Only he didn’t grow up to sell pudding and tell funny stories.

  13. wizard2048 stated
    “just don’t touch police officers.. it is simple”.
    No wonder Cops are so brutal no love no sex with the don’t touch rule

  14. From the article: “Daley, a frequent patron of The Caboose, was arguing with the tow truck driver when the police were called.

    Bar owner Tim Scott said the veteran “had a few drinks but he wasn’t out of control.”


    Overreaction to be sure, and I suspect the bar patron was a tad inebriated though not “out of control.” Even more reason for the officer to exercise more discretion here especially in view of his age. As a society we tend to glorify the cops using force in and guess what? We get cops using force. Monkey see, monkey do.

  15. Lol Rhube, good call

    that should show them old folks tho, always with their pushing and shoving and trying to obstruct justice.

    Hope he recovers and enjoys the payout

  16. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.

    Give a man a badge and he will arrest the nearest fisherman, confiscate his fishing gear, sell it and then buy a fish with the proceeds

  17. Search: Police use of force

    Federal court cases in which law enforcement officers were accused of violating a person’s civil rights rose 25 percent nationwide between 2001 and 2007, according to the Justice Department. Why the increase? James Pasco, head of the National Fraternal Order of Police, also cites a scramble for recruits post-9/11.


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