Three Former Male Church Members Sue Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long For Sexual Harassment

It has become almost a mantra in contemporary news articles: a minister who preached against homosexuality accused of hidden homosexual relationships. In the case of Atlanta-based megachurch pastor Eddie Long (shown here in a past sermon), he is by last count accused in three lawsuits by young men who claim that they came to him for spiritual help and were used for his sexual pleasures.

With the filing of the third complaint yesterday, Long has canceled a planned interview on the controversy. The third lawsuit was filed by Jamal Parris, now 23, who said that he was just a teenager when he met Long who encouraged Parris to call him “Daddy.” What followed, according to the complaint, was the use of the teenager for sexual encounters after Parris was hired as an employee with the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

These lawsuits name Long but also contend that Long’s LongFellows Youth Academy and New Birth are responsible for not taking action. It is a classic negligence claim. It would be hard to argue respondeat superior under such circumstances. With three separate men coming forward, it will be a considerable challenge for the defense, which has insisted that these lawsuits are little more than a shakedown for money.

Source: CNN

11 thoughts on “Three Former Male Church Members Sue Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long For Sexual Harassment”

  1. After watching that video my opinion of this guy is that he is an A-#1 bull-goose ass-clown, regardless of the present allegations.

  2. BTW:

    Long has been one of the most high-profile black pastors in the country in speaking out against homosexuality. When the funeral for Coretta Scott King was held at New Birth in 2006 with President George Bush and former presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton in attendance, civil rights leader Julian Bond refused to attend because he said the Rev. Martin Luther King’s widow had supported gay rights. King’s daughter, Bernice, has served on the staff at New Birth.

  3. Ruth,

    Of course it is possible which would make all three young men liars … a jury will decide unless there is an out of court settlement.

  4. Sure, Ruth, it is possible. But given the sad history of the anti-gay movement zealots, it would appear that the louder the hate the greater the chances possible is all his innocence is, not probable.

    Make you wonder how gay Fred Phelps is.

  5. I know we are used to ministers being found guilty. But it is possible that he is innocent. We have not heard all the facts.

  6. I feel and Hinny Moment…pay the baskets….we need more ammo…..

    The mega churches produce mega stars…mega money…..mega begga…

  7. If one keeps going to crack-pot houses of worship one is going to keep on running into crackpots …

  8. “While the moral panic of Salem’s witches may be over, an equally pernicious panic continues to grow — that of the pedophile priest.” – Anne Hendershott.

    Since the priesthood identifies itself as the “Army of God”
    I wonder if they honor the concept of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

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