In California, It’s BYOTP

Why is toilet paper so high on the list of budget cuts for states? We previously noted how states moved immediately against toilet paper after tightening their belts. Now, we can add California as places that are announcing BYOTP (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper) for tourists in some state parks.

A report announced that “Remote rural state parks will likely run out of toilet paper by early October.” Vendors have not been paid since the beginning of July and the state is experiencing system-wide problems from clinics to school districts.

Source: NBC

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  1. That shouldn’t be a problem, if we wait another quarter or so, the dollar may be so cheap that we can use currency to wipe our asses.

  2. As long as it’s a thread that deals in some part with excrement and we’ve gone OT; did anybody see Real Time With Bill Mahar last week? He had Breitbart on his panel along with another conservative and the Family Guy creator. It was a very unsatisfying show because Breitbart was loud and lying and could not be effectively refuted in the time available for the segment. Mahar would let him rave on and then punctuate the diatribe with a very good, short question or statement but Brietbart wasn’t really refuted.

    Something strange happened though, Brietbart was getting agitated about something and stated to Mahar in a kind of combative way ‘I’m being nice tonight, I said I would and I am’ (not verbatim) and Mahar shot back ‘So am I or I would have asked you about race’. Brietbart shut up pronto and calmed down. Something about that whole exchange was off.

    I am reminded of that because Brietbart went into a long rant about the healthcare debate being shut down by bullying supporters and union thugs that disrupted the town halls. Exactly the opposite of what happened and it didn’t get torn apart as a lie.

    The whole right wing machine is a “Bizarro” construction and Christi is just following the script. (The Bizarro universe was a feature in Superman comics- everything was the exact opposite of our reality.)

  3. Elaine M.,

    Bully wanna-bes are looking for a leader and they’ve found one in Christie … the DNC loves this stuff … it makes their job easier.

    Next thing you know The Teabagger Party (formerly The Republican Party) will be screaming set-up and Christie will go on Fox barely able to hold back the tears at the vile treatment he’s receiving and how his sincere efforts at trying to speak out were so taken advantage of by a democrat operative planted in the audience.

    Hopefully Colbert will see the humor in it and jump on board …

    Saturday Night Live may never have another gift like Sarah Palin, but Christie will do nicely …

  4. Blouise,

    But did you hear the cheers Christie got from the audience when he bullied Mr. Buck? Methinks some people admire bullying tactics.

  5. Elaine M.

    That clip of Christie was hilarious … republicans like him are worth their weight in gold to democrats … he’s a bona fide bully who appeals to wanna-be bullies everywhere and that is the end of his appeal … be a bully, vote for Christie!

  6. Anonymously Yours
    1, September 26, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    I remember those days as well….and if there wasn’t one…you just stopped on the side of the road and….but then again nothing is better than the tri-fold card board single ply stuff the schools had to offer….

    Yep … we always carried a garbage bag so as not to litter …

  7. Blouise,

    Did you hear the story about Chris Christie confronting a member of the audience at a Meg Whitman event in California?

    Ed Buck Stands Up Against GOP Bully Chris Christie
    Posted on September 25, 2010 by Sarah Jones

    Out of the madness in a world gone crazy, stepped Ed Buck – straight from central casting as an American citizen standing up for the right to question our candidates. Buck showed up on The Ed Show to take a stand against Republican bully Governor Chris Christie who tried to intimidate him into not asking a question during a Meg Whitman forum in California.

    Buck is a retired multi-millionaire looking for someone to vote for in this election. He attended Whitman’s rally wanting to ask Whitman a question (she’s another Republican who is avoiding all questions from media and constituents – this should be a warning), but she wasn’t taking any questions and this upset Buck. Buck simply wanted to engage in the American process of democracy, which of course, ticked off Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. We have no idea why a Governor from New Jersey was running interference at a forum for candidate for California Governor.

    Buck merely wanted to tell Meg Whitman that he stood with Warren Buffet, and that he doesn’t need a tax cut; he wants his taxes to go to investments in infrastructure. He got bullied instead. But guess what? He showed up on the Ed Show and turned that around, calling Whitman and Christie out on their cowardly behavior.


    If you click on the link, you’ll be able to see the video of Ed Buck’s appearance on the Ed Show.

  8. Blouise,

    I remember those days as well….and if there wasn’t one…you just stopped on the side of the road and….but then again nothing is better than the tri-fold card board single ply stuff the schools had to offer….

  9. Reminds me of my childhood back in the 50’s … we always carried our own toilet paper on car trips … very few rest stop commodes that weren’t pits dug in the ground.

    Conservatives should be happy for we are back to the “good old days” ….

  10. Hmm…You say dind’t rustic….but, you’ll soon find out if a Bear does….in the woods….but, does a polar bear?

  11. Meg Whitman has spent 120 million of her own money so far trying to be governor of California. Maybe she could get more votes if she donated toilet paper to the state parks.

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