Garden-Variety Crime: Florida Man Does Drive-By Shooting To Kill His Alleged Drug Associate’s Garden

Steve Ewing, 35, may be involved in drugs but he has a unique concept of a drive-by shooting. Reportedly unhappy with a neighbor in a dispute over drug money, Ewing loaded a squirt gun with poison and drove by killing his neighbor’s plants. It was a scene that left horticulturists in shock and horror at the garden carnage and lingering smell of Roundup weed killer.

Ewing was also allegedly found with balloons filled with weed killer. He picked May and July to do the garden drive-by — the very peak of the growing season. What is missing is a letter with letters cut from the newspaper saying “Pay Up or the Petunias Get It.” Or at least a poetic note:

Harry, Harry, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With Herbicide and Surflan,
And dead flowers all in a row.

Ewing was charged with criminal mischief.

Source: UPI

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10 thoughts on “Garden-Variety Crime: Florida Man Does Drive-By Shooting To Kill His Alleged Drug Associate’s Garden”

  1. Ewing is a pretty lucky to have such a nice neighbor, otherwise he might be pushing up daisies himself.

  2. LOL, everything about this story is just precious. Being a gardner I can understand how this would wound a gardner with a nice flower bed to the bone so as coercion I have t give the perp some points for that. Considering how often ‘drive-by’ ends with an innocent bystander dead I also have to award points for restraint on Mr. Ewing’s part. It was a wicked crime and essentially non-violent; that’s a level of creativity one doesn’t usually hear about regarding crimes associated with drug interactions gone bad. Of course, I’m assuming he gave the matter some serious thought and wasn’t just addled from sampling his own wares 🙂

    And the poem was the icing on the cake; well done Professor.

  3. This is from yeterday:

    1, October 4, 2010 at 6:09 pm
    WASHINGTON — CBS Radio News correspondent Howard Arenstein has been arrested on marijuana charges in Washington.

    Charlie Brown D.C. police spokesman Lt. Nicholas Breul said Arenstein and his wife were arrested early Saturday and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

    Breul says vice units had received a complaint of marijuana growing in the couple’s backyard. Police then obtained a search warrant for the home in northwest D.C.

    Breul says officers found large, mature cannabis plants, standing more than 8 feet high. In addition, they found packaged marijuana inside the home.

    According to the CBS News website, Arenstein serves as radio bureau manager for CBS News, Washington.

    A CBS News spokeswoman declined to comment.

  4. I gotta give this guy class….so what action is Green Peace taking?

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