With the completion of the trial portion of the Porteous impeachment, the parties are required to submit the proposed findings of fact as established in testimony. Below are the material facts in the trial in a filing that we submitted to the Senate.

The findings are divided by Articles of Impeachment and may help explain why particular witnesses were called as well as lines of questioning.
Porteous Proposed Findings of Fact


  1. Ya’ll talk like my 30 year old daughter getting her PhD in CA. She also proclaims “it’s a new world, Daddy”. I really am old school, but life has taught me to accept and maybe embrace a different point of view, if the view is a worthy one, whether it is being advocated by a male or female. Look forward to the challenge. I respect a real man as well as a real woman. In the legal field we have far too many that fail to hit the mark. Goodnight, or as we use to say in the South: “nite, nite’.

  2. Blouise,

    I don’t mind posters being forceful when they present their arguments–but I’d rather they didn’t insult my inteligence or put words in my mouth when I disagree with them. I think such tactics take away from the discussion at hand.



    Blouise, Swarthmore mom, and I are most definitely not spring chickens–but we are young at heart. It’s not a set up. Just remember, though–this is the 21st century. Little ole ladies ain’t what they used to be.

  3. Frank,

    Now I would suspect that occasionally when visiting the other threads some of your Criminal Defense Attorney adversarial notions might come to the surface … use ’em if the subject is something you believe in.

    We all try to keep in mind that we are guests and JT is our host … we respect his hospitality … sometimes, in the heat of a passionate argument, we forget, but not often.

    As Elaine said … we are always gentle with a gentleman and you sir, are also a very smooooth talker … we like that 🙂

  4. Elaine M. Why do I get the funny feeling that you and Blouise are as far from “little ole ladies” as Lady GaGa is from Kate Smith? Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like a set up! Thanks for the invite. Frank

  5. Buddha,

    You were right to object and the objection was coached in a firm but polite manner. I figured you liked Tony for his views are similar to your own … his views did not to be modified, only a bit of his delivery … just a bit ’cause I like his forcefulness. I hope he stays with us. I think Slarti enjoys the challenge as do Elaine and SwM … he and Mike could have some fun also. I wonder what mespo thinks.

    Time for my midnight walk and then bed … I’m very glad you are back.

  6. Elaine M. : Thanks, later I’ll post some Mascagni recipes from Bologna, Italy for you and your il marito [husband]to try when you’re feeling adventurous.

    After a few drinks, I may muster the courage to leave the Porteous comfort level. Everyone has been very welcoming and tolerant of the new Italian guy!

  7. Frank,

    Pour a little limoncello in a glass of Prosecco and add a twist of lemon. It’s a great brunch and summer drink.

    Please do join us on other threads. We have interesting–and, at times–heated discussions. And as Blouise said–the three “little old ladies” of the Turley Blawg can be quite assertive…and acerbic.

    I, for one, am always happy to discuss Italian cuisine. My husband makes THE BEST homemade pasta and pizza…and eggplant lasagna…and Italian wedding soup. One of my specialties is Saltimbocca.

  8. Blouise, Buddha: how do I post a photo or image into my blogger box? I’m jealous that Blouise and Buddha has an identifer and I haven’t be let into the official club, treated as a pledge.

  9. I spoke to quickly. I didn’t know a blogger would call another blogger a “liar”. As my Mama would say “That’s not very nice” and “Don’t be ugly”. Or “God love ya.”

    I think Thumper said it best in Bambi ” IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY……DON’T SAY NOTHIN’ AT ALL.”

  10. Blouise, I’m generally a one topic kinda guy, not much on messin’ around like you. I’ll divert into other areas while we have a lull in the Porteous action: anything Italian, opera, wine, food; old sayings and folklore from the South and growing up in Mississippi; Christopher Columbus, after dinner drinks, etc. Enjoy this new “family” and enjoy your respect and concern for one another. After I get my blogger water-wings, may enter into the other worlds with you. You seem like a mature experienced woman, just be gentle with me. Frank

  11. Frank,

    I’m going to have to find some Dumante Verdenouce. I have a condition that prevents me from eating whole nuts or seeds anymore, but I can tell you that my lovely green complexion comes from years of eating pistachios.


    I like Tony too. Notice that I did use restraint compared to what I’m capable of. I just didn’t like him calling Slarti a liar. It was baseless, uncalled for, and Tony can obviously do better. I expect that kind of crap from trolls, not from someone who has demonstrated they can actually think. And now that everyone is playing nice together, my peacekeeping mission is accomplished. 😉

  12. Frank,

    Yes, I have been kinda messin’ around … it helps to clear the cobwebs … drop in and we’ll mess together.

    The Biden thread and the arguments presented there are interesting. I like Tony C and I like the way he stands up for himself. Buddha and Slarti are formidable on their own and together present a daunting challenge yet Tony C keeps plugging away.

    The three little ol’ ladies (myself, Elaine, and SwMom) from the polygamy thread can be very assertive but I can guarantee you a warm and loving welcome.

    If you’re more comfortable here … I’ll just drop in for a glass of wine and conversation … you’re a fountain of knowledge and great fun!

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