“I Am Not A Witch”: O’Donnell Releases Unique Campaign Ad

It is perhaps an indication of our contemporary politics that 37 years ago, on November 17, 1973, Richard Nixon was declaring “I am not a crook.” Now, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is about to run an ad declaring “I am not a witch.” Our political system has become a parody of itself.

O’Donnell wants to assure voters that she merely “dabbled” in witchcraft. She returns to an earlier theme that “I’m nothing you’ve heard . . . I’m you.” And she is not just referring to those of you in covens.

She insists “[n]one of us are perfect . . . [and] I’ll go to Washington and do what you’d do.” I find this all silly. If O’Donnell is a witch, would she be behind in the polls by double digits? Of course not. Of course, she could be a failed witch, but what is really the difference between a failed witch and a successful politician?

Source: ABC

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  1. Our political system has become a parody of itself.

    That happened as soon as Nixon got into office….
    The justice system, however, was a parody of itself at conception.


    We can all be very proud of ourselves… Nr #1 in locking up innocent hippies!

  2. Sex-crime charges have derailed two fringe conservatives in Ohio, making it one of the few states where a GOP moderate is trouncing the far right.

    The way the political winds are blowing nationally, Ohio Senate candidate Rob Portman should be in serious trouble right now.

    He’s an establishment-backed moderate Republican in an anti-establishment year, a former Bush official who helped craft the deficit-exploding budgets that Tea Partiers consider the GOP’s original sin, and an ex-congressman with a reputation for reaching across the aisle.


  3. Dorothy Hamilton Clare McCaskill is not a christian warrior woman as these republican women are.

  4. Most of the republican women that are running are anti-feminist women in the Sarah Palin mold. Meg Whitman is probably the only one that isn’t, but she has her own witch problems with her employees.

  5. Dorothy Hamilton I would not put Claire in with theses republican women as she is okay on some issues, and she is educated. She is for a woman’s right to choose, and they aren’t even if the woman is raped.

  6. I hate to inform the Lady from connecticut,But I think Minimum means Minimum:

    min·i·mum (mn-mm)
    n. pl. min·i·mums or min·i·ma (-m)
    a. The least possible quantity or degree.
    b. The lowest degree or amount reached or recorded; the lower limit of variation.
    2. A lower limit permitted by law or other authority.
    3. A sum of money set by a nightclub or restaurant as the least amount each patron must spend on food and drink.
    4. Mathematics
    a. The smallest number in a finite set of numbers.
    b. A value of a function that is less than any other value of the function over a specific interval.
    Of, consisting of, or representing the lowest possible amount or degree permissible or attainable.

  7. Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, who is running as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, said she misspoke when she recently raised the idea of lowering the minimum wage.

    “The minimum wage now in our country, I think we’ve set that, so there are a lot of people have benefited from it in our country, but I think we ought to review how much it ought to be, and whether or not we ought to have increases in the minimum wage,” said McMahon at a press conference in making comments that were met with criticism.


  8. The Witches are winning. We shall unite and be the best, damn that Glenda. Please keep the bucket of water away from me. We have Claire in so soon we will have our coven again.

  9. Swarthmore mom:

    We must really be missing something.

    “Angle ahead by 2 points.”

  10. What to me is even more insulting to our intelligence is a lot of these commentators take the positions that some odf these people hold as serious.

    Angle and Reid seperated by a few points.!! Scarey.

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