Bosnian Police Announce That They Will Not Press Charges Against Girl Who Threw Puppies Into River

This girl gained international infamy by throwing puppies into a fast-moving river while being videotaped. They then put the videotape on YouTube. Now, the Bosnian police have decided that she will face no punishment of any kind due to her age.

I fail to understand why an act of such cruelty would go unpunished even as punishment of a minor. I certainly do not believe that she should be punished as an adult given her age. However, all countries have juvenile proceedings to allow some punishment for youthful violators. The puppies were rescued by an onlooker but to say that there was no harm to the animals is facially absurd.

The girl is shown in the video shouting “Wooo!” as she throws the puppies one by one into the river. The penalties in the country are quite low, including a 5,000 GBP fine. However, the police have decided to impose no punishment, not even a fine, for the horrific act.

Source: German Herald

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  1. People in much of the world raise dogs as food.
    This is what Chihuahuas were bred for in early Mexico.
    Today you can order dog in many restaurants in China, Thailand, parts of Africa and the Philippines, etc.
    You can choose the pooch of your choice from a small, crowded cage, and even watch it being butchered, if you have the stomach for it.
    People the world over think Westerners are crazy, for treating our dogs better than most people are treated in many countries.
    While thousands of kids die each day from malnutrition…

  2. OK, maybe she’s too young to be “punished”. What I’m more concerned about is that there’s no word in the German story that she’s going to get a psychiatric evaluation (and her brother, isn’t that who was filming her little adventure?) Isn’t “cruelty to small animals when very young” a big red flag about the pathology of the development of sociopaths, serial killers and other really deeply disturbed forms of mental illness?

  3. …but all countries also have a minimum age of criminal responsibility too.

    As I understand American law the twelve year old perpetrator in this case would also have been under that age in e.g. California (14), Texas (14), and New York (13)?

    The problem that there are very young children who commit acts that are quite shocking and who can not be punished because they’re under the age of responsibility will exist as long as there _is_ a minimum age of criminal responsibility.

    You can of course argue about the concrete age the limit is set, but I personally don’t think that twelve is outlandishly high.

  4. Woooo….Good word for a juvenile….its especially more disturbing when an adult does the same thing and says Woooo… well at least the value of life is worth more there…Right?

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