Chavez Supports China in Denouncing Nobel Prize For Liu Xiaobo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has again shown his preference for supporting totalitarian regimes over human rights in his latest outrageous statement: supporting China in denouncing the Nobel Prize given to dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Chavez stated “[t]his (Liu) is like Obama, the other peace prize.” Many of us criticized the awarding of the Nobel to Obama (a vote that occurred literally days into his presidency), particularly in light of those real human rights advocates who had sacrificed so much for their causes including Liu.

However, Chavez reveals himself as just another petty dictator and a menace to freedom in his support for the Chinese government, which he describes a beacon to the world.

He added “Our greetings and solidarity go to the government of the People’s Republic of China. Viva China! And its sovereignty, its independence and its greatness.” Conversely, he condemned the Nobel Committee as “lackeys” of the West and “worse than the Yankees.”

The prize was awarded to Lui for “his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.”

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11 thoughts on “Chavez Supports China in Denouncing Nobel Prize For Liu Xiaobo”

  1. Lau:

    As an apparent spokesman for the Chinese government, may I offer my humble opinion that you are full of that famous barnyard product. That little borderline incoherent rant was quite rude, as I am sure you intended. However, you really need to check on that Tibet thing and let us know when your country intends to stop the cultural, political and religious ethnic cleansing of that ancient country.

  2. Get back to us when Tibet is free, Lau.

    America is rapidly descending into totalitarianism, but your government set the tables and catered the party starting with Mao.

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Just because in recent years your government has moved to a more authoritarian mode of operation does not change that China has a long time reputation for totalitarianism.

    I’m have a great respect for Chinese culture, but your government sucks.

    So does ours, but at least we can still criticize it.

    What happens to Chinese citizens who criticize the Chinese government?

    Yeah. Get back to me when Tibet is free. Then we’ll talk about how “superior” the Chinese government is – because right now? It’s authoritarian undemocratic crap.

  3. My comments name the author as “Bizarre” which should be Jonathan Turnley, the blogger.

    He is among the coterie of Americans who perennially use China to rub dirt on.

    We have fanatics and we have extremists.

    Jonathan Turner fits the bill.

  4. To Bizarre, International Society:

    Obviously you are a China basher as evidenced from your outpouring.

    Hugo Chavez has every right to his views as you are. Besides, you know very little about China except to download your diatribe against a country you hate.

    You are not only petty, but an ignorant bigotted China hater.

    I would appreciate if you could offer constructive criticims of China and suggest improvements.

    In your post, you are just as totalitarian as you painted of China.

    We want intelligent post, not vitriolic diatribes.

  5. What else would one expect from a thug that always has to take the controversial side of any argument. It is too bad that his electorate can see the obvious or maybe they can and their vote doesn’t matter.

  6. Well, one persons opinion, yet again…However, he does have oil….so what is the value of his opinion on a nation wide scale?

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