Do The Lard, Pull Your Card: Baltimore Issues First Ticket Under Trans Fat Ban

The Baltimore City Health Department issued its first citation for a fat recidivist violator: The Healthy Choice. The ironically named business is in fact (according to officials) a shameless pusher of trans fat — found twice with “high trans fat level in their ingredients.” Conversely, the city appears undisturbed that if trans fats are outlawed, only outlaws will have trans fats.

The ticket is for $100. and refers directly to the using a margarine product with trans fat levels. Business are prohibited from using or selling non-prepackaged food items containing 0.5 grams or more of trans fats. Healthy Choice was a virtual trans fat pusher with margarine that weighed in at a scale popping 3 grams.

When confronted the first time, the fat felons simply replaced the margarine with another brand with 2 grams. They simply could not kick the habit — probably due to all of the fat they were eating.

Healthy Choice owner Ki Jeong acknowledged his sorted, fatty past but said the new margarine will cost him double what the original type costs.

More than 100 Baltimore restaurants have received warnings since the ban went into effect. I can only say that the food police will have to pry my Snickers from my old, fatty hands.

Source: WBaltv

Jonathan Turley

17 thoughts on “Do The Lard, Pull Your Card: Baltimore Issues First Ticket Under Trans Fat Ban”

  1. Elaine M.

    “BTW, I checked a lot of things off my “to do” list today.”

    Please share the secret in doing that:=)

  2. anon nurse,

    Real butter and quality olive oil–I rarely use anything else.

    BTW, I checked a lot of things off my “to do” list today.

  3. Elaine M. 🙂 And good luck with it everything. (I’m a fan of real butter — I hate the “I Can’t Believe” imitation.)

  4. anon,

    I’ve been out and about today as well as preparing for a number of things that I’ve got to do tomorrow and next week–including searching out stories to post as a guest blogger on the Turley Blawg.

    Here’s a true story from my teaching days. I worked with a funny woman named Kathy who was often on a diet. One time, when she was on one of her diets, she went to the grocery store and bought herself a couple of tubs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! She told me: “Well, I can believe it’s not butter. It tastes like baby caca!”

    That’s all I have at the moment. I have so many things to get done and so much on my mind that my brain feels like it’s been deep fried in trans fat.

    The Better Fat Sisters

  5. Blouise? Buddha? Elaine? mespo, maybe? (alpha order)

    🙂 to the one hiding behind Mars

  6. Baltimore’s trans fat ban exempts the sale of prepackaged foods, which would include Snickers bars. Though I’d note Snickers only has 0.2g of trans fat, which is a permitted amount.

    Maybe the reason you have “old, fatty hands” is you’ve been eating trans fats all your life. Maybe if the government had forced you to stop eating them years ago, you would not have “old fat hands” now, and you would not become a burden on the health care system. But they didn’t, and now we have health care reform. So which are you in favor of – government telling you what to eat, or government overhaul of healthcare? Your choice.

  7. The FDA still passes constitutional mustard (heh heh)- at least for now, until maybe next week. And trans-fats get no exemption from laws regulating the sale of toxic foodstuffs. It’s not like you can make trans-fats anywhere except on the surface of a hot platinum catalyst in a flow of hydrogen gas under intense pressure. During the intermediate phase on the platinum before a fatty acid’s new double bond has formed, the single bond is free to rotate and the adjacent hydrogens [usually] flip the fatty acid over for steric reasons: they want more room and try to get away from each other. That never occurs in nature, which uses template enzymes and not platinum at high temperature. It kind of defeats the entire purpose of partial hydrogenation because the molecule often ends up straight (with a small kink) and doesn’t retain its health-promoting bent shape like a cis-fat. They should just stick to making suppositories out of this stuff instead of screwing around trying to make margarine. For suppositories, trans-fats work really well.

  8. Gingerbaker,

    I don’t know if olive through another one of these corny food jokes. Peas stop.

  9. Gingerbaker:

    Thanks for that. I’m home, sick in bed, and that made me chuckle.

  10. I don’t relish the idea that this passes the Constitutional mustard, and I think even Justice Frankfurter would agree.

  11. “sordid” fatty past, not “sorted”. And for Mr. Jeong: Hey, it costs *everybody* twice as much.

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