Dirty Dog!: A Sunday Pooch Poetry Post

My daughter and her husband have a Labrador retriever named Jack. Jack is mischievous and quite rambunctious. Whenever I talk to my daughter on the phone and ask how Jack is doing, I always get the same response: “He’s out of control!”

Jack is truly lovable–but he can be exasperating…as I found out recently when my husband and I dog-sat for him overnight. My husband and I spent quite a bit of time running after Jack and playing tug of war as we struggled to take things—my sandal, an area rug from the front entryway, a bathmat, a blanket I had brought with me, and a beautiful shamrock afghan my daughter bought when she was on her honeymoon in Ireland— away from him.

In addition to shoes, bathmats, rugs, blankets, and afghans—Jack likes to chew on chicken bones ($400 veterinary bill), underpants, socks, TV remotes, cell phones, beanbag chairs, and poison ant cups. And Jack LOVES the water—the muddier the better. Can’t let that dog loose near a mud puddle or a pond or a lake or a river or the ocean! You’ll have a hard time retrieving that retriever from the water—as his owners have learned…to their chagrin.

Jack is a character who’s provided me with lots of laughs AND with poetic inspiration. Here are two poems I wrote about Jack. The first poem, Dirty Dog, is a triolet—an eight-line rhyming poem in which the first two lines are repeated as the last two lines. The first line is also repeated as the fourth line. The second poem is a mask poem in which I speak in Jack’s voice.


Dirty, dirty, dirty dog!

Didn’t heed your master—NO!

Thought you’d run into the bog.

Dirty, dirty, dirty dog!

(I rant in my mad monologue.)

You frolicked where you shouldn’t go.

Dirty, dirty, dirty dog!

Didn’t heed your master—NO!



I’m dog. I’m frisky,

Friendly, snappy.

I like to make

My master happy.


I get his paper,

Lick his face.

I follow Master

Every place.


I sit, roll over

Do cute tricks—

Beg for biscuits,

Go fetch sticks.


We take a long walk

Every day.

I never let him

Lose his way.


I always bark

To let him know

There’s someone’s at

The door. I show


Him true affection…

I don’t pretend.

Why, I’m his very

Bestest friend.


I had hoped to post a video that I created with pictures of Jack and the two poems above. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to upload it to WordPress. Here’s a link to the video: Two Poems for Jack.

Jack may be a rascal—but he is also a loving big brother to Rudy, the family cat.

– Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

19 thoughts on “Dirty Dog!: A Sunday Pooch Poetry Post”

  1. lotta and Elaine,

    One of my kitties loved to turn on the faucet in the bathtub and drink the water as it trickled out … anyone who wanted to use that bathroom had to allow him to go in with them. First time guests usually freaked out but then got used to it.

  2. lottakatz,

    When my cat Abby was a kitten she used to like sitting in the sink in the downstairs bathroom. She wasn’t into watching water running out of the faucet. I guess she must have thought it was a cozy spot.

    I can’t believe some of the reality shows that are on TV. Do people really watch that garbage?

  3. Elaine M. “lottakatz, I think Rudy tries to emulate his big brother. Rudy loves water too. He likes to stick his head under the faucet and drink the tap water. He also likes to…”

    Good role models are important. 🙂

    One of my kitties likes to watch running water; doesn’t want it to actually get anywhere near him, just likes to watch it come out of the faucet. Cats are strange.

    It occurs to me though that we more evolved creatures watch TV and much of what’s on has about the same level of intellectual content as water coming out of the kitchen tap, hmmmmm….

  4. Elaine,

    We also have a water-obsessed cat — not that your Rudy is obsessive :-). As I was checking for info, I came across the following, which seems ever so appropriate, given that it’s Halloween. Open the link and scroll down:


    (Some cats that suddenly become very attracted to water should be checked and monitored for diabetes but, apparently, it’s not uncommon for healthy cats to be preoccupied with running water.)

    Great photos, BTW.

  5. Mespo,

    I have seen that video once before. One of the best parts is @ time 02:18 displaying the facial expressions of 2 puppy-love-smitten lassies.

    ‘Celtic Thunder’ is superb musical entertainment featuring string/orchestral accompaniment, which sadly is a waning component of modern music.

  6. lottakatz,

    I think Rudy tries to emulate his big brother. Rudy loves water too. He likes to stick his head under the faucet and drink the tap water. He also likes to sit on the edge of the bathtub and watch water spraying down from the shower head or running from the faucet.

    Rudy’s a rascal too. He’s an indoor cat–and keeps trying to sneak outside. He’s been successful a number of times. One day last year, he got up on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, pushed out the screen, and jumped out the window.

  7. What wonderful pictures (and poetry), Jack is a lovely dog. Wet Jack is a priceless image and I’m suspecting he doesn’t mind the inevitable bath afterwards.

  8. Jack reminds me of our Yellow Lab. They are pretty fisky, but they mean well and they are great with kids. They can be trained to curb their chewing issues, but sometimes they can regress!! Jack is a cutie!

  9. Oh Jack … you are a beautiful dog, a grand carrier of the Muse … you may come and visit me anytime you wish … but … you may not stay. 🙂

  10. Jack knows how important family is.

    Just look at him protecting Rudy!!
    or is Rudy protecting him???

  11. In the dirty dog photo, he looks guilty of having a great time, and now has to face the bathtub!

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