More Rumble Than Earthquake: Very Little To Party About

The Tea Party made lots of noise and woke the neighbors, but precious few in-roads into the political system. True, Marc Rubio and Rand Paul were big winners but each benefited from some peculiar circumstances.  Rubio won in a three way race punctuated by former spurned Repub Governor Crist’s independent bid along with a Democratic challenger who won just enough to split the vote of the rational and give Rubio the nod.  Rand benefited from the strong conservative sentiment  in Kentucky and what Mark Twain best described this way: “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky because it’s always twenty years behind the times.”

Other Party guests did not fair so well — even in a time of popular disenchantment with government and a bad economy. Unpopular Senator Harry Reid survived a bid from Sharon Angle of  “there is no separation of church and state”  fame. First Amendment scholar, former Wiccan, and Angle devotee, Christine O’Donnell, sank against Chris Coons by 18 points.  Even in far off Alaska, Palin-approved candidate Joe Miller looks to be a loser in a three way race to a write-in candidate and incumbent, Lisa Murkowski.

How did that poster child for The Movement and  likely 2012 Presidential candidate, Sarah Plain, do with her endorsements? Well,  that sprinkling of Alaskan tea resulted in 33 loses and 27 wins. Not exactly the “Golden Touch.”  All in all, the Tea Party can claim some measure of victory, but the win is less than satisfying.  After the Party’s hangover, the realization will set in that “winning” requires “fixing” else-wise the fickle electorate will turn you out like yesterday’s newspaper. And that, my revolutionary friends, is the hardest tea to swallow of all.

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. Mike S. Welcome back. Reminds me of the Shakespeare quote “where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?” Obviously in the head.

    Hope you had good health insurance. We should live in a country where keeping well and getting well is our only concern, not the price.

  2. Buddha,

    It’s a great day for unmasking which usually happens when people get carried away on glee … go check out where “somebody” posted as me, as Tootie, as …….. I’m going to spend some fun time going back through the threads to check the avatar … multiple personality disorder intrigues me.

  3. Byron,

    I don’t think the oops was about the pun, but rather that interesting Freudian slip.

  4. you got the commie/collectivist Soros we have the Libertarian Kochs. Seems fair to me. You’re just pissed off that your billionaire is a limp dick while ours are rock hard Kochs.

  5. Speaking of the fruits of fascism, get ready to see more stories like this – at least until there is no more net neutrality in which case these kinds of stories will be censored by the Corporate Overlords.

    From HP CEO: Cooling His Heels in an Undisclosed Location?

    Larry Ellison is dying to force Leo Apotheker to testify in the Oracle-SAP trial, but HP’s CEO is nowhere to be found.

    There’s no lost love between these two companies and the last thing Hewlett-Packard wants is for its newly-appointed CEO – and, coincidentally, former SAP boss – to get smacked around by a Oracle hostile attorney. Oracle claims that SAP plundered password-protected Oracle websites, dealing it a $2 billion blow. (SAP has already announced that it won’t contest allegations that it contributed to copyright infringement via a defunct third-party support unit TomorrowNow.)

    Ellison would like nothing more than to give his attorneys a shot at Apotheker. When HP hired Apotheker, Ellison publicly ridiculed the appointment, writing to the Wall Street Journal that he was “speechless” after learning of the decision. “HP had several good internal candidates,” he wrote. “But instead they pick a guy who was recently fired because he did such a bad job of running SAP.”

    So is it any surprise that Apotheker is not to be found? According to a statement put out by Oracle:
    Leo Apotheker, newly named as Hewlett-Packard CEO (AP Photo, Daniel Roland)

    “Hewlett Packard has refused to accept service of a subpoena requiring Mr. Apotheker to testify about his role in SAP’s illegal conduct,” the company said. “Mr. Apotheker started work for HP on Monday, but it now appears that the HP Board of Directors has decided to keep him away from HP’s headquarters and outside the court’s jurisdiction.”

    Yes. The law applies to everyone but HP.

    Isn’t that special.

    And by special, I mean a blatantly fascist statement that the law only applies to “the little people”.

    Fuck you, Hewlett-Packard and your criminal toady Apotheker.

    But thanks for helping me decide on what printers to buy from now on.

    Here’s a hint: They won’t be made by H-P.

  6. Oh a little rebellion is a good thing, but fascist trolling toads pretending to be “rebels” is simply hilarious.

    One cannot work for the interests of fascism and be a rebel by selectively supporting the Constitution while trying to oppress others for profit.

    They are mutually exclusive states of being.

    That’s where the Teabaggers fail.

    They’re either too stupid or too angry to realize they are puppets of the Koch Brothers and organizations like PNAC used to further the Neocon agenda.

  7. Tautology

    “Pearls before swine, learn if you can.”


    Oh, it’s just you again … never mind …

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