Parisian Baby Falls Seven Stories Into Arms of Passer-by: Where Is JT Staying By The Way?

Paris officials report that an 18-month-old girl fell seven stories from an apartment window into the waiting arms of a Good Samaritan. The child, who was briefly left unattended, fell from an open window. A young boy seeing the tragedy about to unfold alerted his father who made the circus catch. The passer-by was aided in his feat by two good hands and a cafe’ awning that caused the falling child to bound softly into his outstretched arms. The flying baby was pronounced in good health by a physician at the scene but whisked away to the hospital for observation.

Lest you think this kind of thing unusual in ostensibly Roman Catholic Europe, consider Gerard Majella, the patron saint of children. Prohibited from performing miracles by the clueless marketers who oversaw his actions, Majella once suspended a falling stone worker in mid-air while the holy man sought permission from the abbot to soften the man’s fall. (Apparently, no cafe awnings were in attendance.) Gaining permission, he gently lowered the man to the ground.

Back to the modern miracle, no names have been released for child or hero, but we have it on good authority that the conferencing Professor Turley has a good pair of hands.

Source: CNN

— Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

8 thoughts on “Parisian Baby Falls Seven Stories Into Arms of Passer-by: Where Is JT Staying By The Way?”

  1. FFLEO,

    Yeah, we’re fine … it’s the rest of the 6,879,300,000 people in the world that worry me …

  2. As an American I find Pete’s comment hilarious and other than being dark humor not offensive to the US. So glad the kid is ok, God must have another plan for that little one.

  3. I have to admit, i also laughed at pete’s comment. Blouise, do you think you, pete, and I are okay?

  4. I was just about to post this story to the Corrections page.

    What an unbelievable stroke of luck!

    To heck with Italy! Let’s take this kid to Vegas or Monaco! Or at least to the corner store to buy some lottery tickets.

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