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I have been reading the rave reviews for our guest bloggers — David Drumm, Elaine Magliaro, and Mark Esposito — from last week. This was a trial effort to follow up on suggestions for a couple days in which some of our regulars might also post on the blog. Given the success of last week, I have offered to let David, Elaine, and Mark post on weekends. They have agreed to do so. This weekend will be the first such installment.

We have other regulars who may want to post and I have some of our regulars in mind for possible posters. After running the weekend special for a while, I will be exploring ways to add more voices from our regulars on the blog. However, any posting of blogs (as opposed to comments) will have to be done under the real name of the poster so you may want to think if you are willing to shed anonymity. I believe it is important to take responsibility for such postings. Moreover, posters will have to demonstrate that they will maintain civility — even in the face of trolls and instigators who seek to trigger personal or juvenile attacks. Finally, posters must take steps to avoid use of copyrighted material and maintain a bit of decorum and restraint in the subjects of postings. I will also be exploring other improvements of the blog in the coming months. I have a fairly heavy litigation schedule until the end of the year, but I hope to make some tinkering changes with the New Year.

In the interim, congratulations again to Elaine, David, and Mark. They have spent years improving this blog (as have some of our other senior contributors) and I am very grateful. This is an exciting expansion of the blog and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

20 thoughts on “Weekend Specials At The Turley Blog”

  1. BIL:

    “Your feet stink and Jesus doesn’t love you.”


    He doesn’t because they do.

    Thanks, Buddha. I needed that!

  2. Larry,

    I hope you will continue to comment on my posts. It will ensure a high comment count.

    However, I would ask that you refrain from vulgarity, like here.

  3. Buddha,

    I wear troll insults like a badge of honor. I liken it to people feeling proud when they found their names on Nixon’s “enemies list.”

  4. Elaine,

    Your head is like a rock and you’re like a female dog with a messy house?

    It’s just so hard to insult a librarian that all I can muster is glossed over troll sputum, but as ever, one lives to be of service.

  5. mespo,

    Your feet stink and Jesus doesn’t love you.

    I know it’s a pale substitute for the criticism of Larry, but I hope this helps assuage your hurt feelings.

  6. Larry:

    When I read your first few words, I thought you were going to criticize me!! I am extremely hurt.

  7. Prof. Turley, you should be ashamed for allowing David Drumm to be a writer here. I didnt know you were a Lincoln cultist.

  8. Weekend Specials, Blue Plate (lizard) Specials–when do we hit the trifecta with Blue Light Specials here at the Turley Blawg?

  9. Since the guest posters (exemplary all) will be posting over (Silly) Saturday and/or (Critter) Sunday I hope one of them will follow up on the best headline of the week: “Porpoises Rescue Dick Van Dyke”.

  10. Your guest bloggers did a great job carrying the flag for you while you were away. I have really enjoyed this site and the contributions of almost all of your family of contributors. Sometimes individuals get a little excited expressing their views, but for the most part, folks are polite and civil, as they should be. Frank

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