Blue Plate Special: Scientist Finds New Lizard Species on Dinner Plate

Researchers in Vietnam recently sat down for a simple meal and ended up with a scientific feast. They were staring at a plate of cooked lizard but they had never seen this species before. It turns out to be a unique species of female lizards who are able to reproduce themselves by cloning. The perfect radical feminist species.

For centuries, men have been able to insist that, for all of our faults, women need us to reproduce and set VCRs. First, women learned to set VCRs. Now, women may be on the verge of making men superfluous. Our only hope is to go to Vietnam and eat as many lizards as possible.

In this case, the researchers hired kids to comb through cafe and bring them this species of lizards. The kids came back with 60 Leiolepis ngovantrii . Ngo Van Tri of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, contacted Dr. Lee Grismer, a herpetologist at La Sierra University in Riverside, California who immediately flew to Vietnam. He and his son, Jesse, then took a two-day motorcycle trip into rural Vietnam to negotiate with restaurant owners. In his first effort, a restaurant owner agreed to set aside the lizards but then got drunk, fried them, and served them.

That led to enlisting the local kids.

I am disappointed by the name. The Furies Collective long advocated separatism from men as a feminist philosophy. It would seem that these lizard females are the perfect embodiment of their philosophy. Leiolepis Bunchii after Charlotte Bunch would seem an apt name. In the very least, did any consider Leiolepis Feministii?

Source: CNN

8 thoughts on “Blue Plate Special: Scientist Finds New Lizard Species on Dinner Plate”

  1. When men go the way of dinosaurs, all women worldwide are going to miss hollarin’ at them to put the toilet seat down…

  2. Nice one Nal!
    Although over here we have wheelie bins that even wobbly old ladies can move on their own

  3. Obviously the philosophy of that lizard species did not prevail in its opinion, even though it prevailed in a unique way, staying faithful to its ilk all these eons.

    What happened is that the lizard brain evolved as a compromise, and as we all know, the lizard brain is the core of both men and women now.

    Dollo’s Law says we can’t do backtrack evolution, so the die is cast.

    Revisit the current twinklin’ Twinkie system that has evolved even though its core is the lizard brain:

  4. Now that VCRs have gone the way of the Dodo, there’s still the trash that needs to be taken out.

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