Vanity O Vanity, Thy Name is Usher

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a woman has learned the costs of vanity . . . well at least vanity plates. Bonnie Usher, 43, allegedly was careful to hide her face in a hooded sweatshirt when she robbed a Rite Aid.  The problem was the getaway car:  her car boasted vanity plates reading “B-USHER.”  It did not take long for the police to arrive at her house and recover the cash.

It turned out that the gun held to the clerk’s head in the robbery was just a painter’s knife. However, she is still charged with armed robbery.

Now for my favorite joke from the movie Fargo: ” did you hear the one about the guy who couldn’t afford personalized plates, so he changed his name to J3L-2404?”

Source: WMUR

Jonathan Turley

5 thoughts on “Vanity O Vanity, Thy Name is Usher”

  1. To all the funny assholes out there!I’m usher & I’m out on bail & feels great to be off of sleep meds ambein!!!!!!! That’s what I was on & narcotics from the hospital!all I know ihavent been in trouble for almost 16yrs & if you think for one minut that was planed! Well your all as dumb as the crime itself !!!there is proff that I have for what was given to me threw mental health & the ambien I was taken & that I had told mental health that my other half that I live with! has said I sleep walk & cook in my sleep!so I called mental health & I arsked to come down from 12.5mgcr to 10 with out cr!so after that acouple of months later I’m watching the news before I sleep & I had to play that out head & dreamed about it!I’m just glad I didn’t hurt anybody while iwas driving & commited the crime!I will be sueing ambien & I’m writing a book!

  2. I had a neighbor whose son robbed a convenience store and ran home with the police following him! Yeah, they will never catch me hiding in my own bed!

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