Murder or Mayhem: The Life and Death of Skeeter

Police in Lakeland, Florida have a classic whodunit on their hands after finding the corpse of a local named Skeeter under a motor home. Polly Boykin, 52, was arrested for the death of the cat but has claimed “self defense” in shooting Skeeter. A court will have to decide whether Skeeter was the hunter or the hunted.

Boykin claims that Skeeter wandered into her yard and was confronted by her pit bull. She says the cat threatened her pit bull, her sister, and then herself before she shot him. Neighbors have a different story. They say that Polly chased Skeeter under the motor home of a neighbor and that the shooting was unnecessary. The police clearly did not accept the self-defense claim.

This is not the first claim made by a human against a cat in a criminal case (here and here and here)

Boykin claims that her hand is now infected from Skeeter’s scratch — evidence of a victim’s struggle or a different victim’s defensive wound?

She is now charged with animal cruelty and discharging a weapon in public.

Source: Ledger

Jonathan Turley

9 thoughts on “Murder or Mayhem: The Life and Death of Skeeter”

  1. pete,

    That wuz a trailer park pit bull, not a junk yard hound–he wuz likely doin’ meth with his momma…

  2. I’ve been to the emergency room twice because of infections from cat bites. It isn’t fun. I keep a pair of welders’ gloves in the trunck of my car. As yet I haven’t found a cat that needed rescued any where close to my car.

  3. She sounds like a long lost cousin of the woman in Scotland who throws kitties in trashcans. Despicable

  4. That was one mean cat to be threatening a pit bull and two humans! Was this a jungle cat or a domesticated cat?? Self defense? I am guessing that their might have been some substance abuse related to this story.

  5. PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals…..Teds Motto….basically a stray cat in your yard….I know how the lady must feel….but then again who said she is a lady….

  6. mespo,

    Knowing what is public knowledge about Ted and his politics, that’s a doubly appropriate post.

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