Professor Confronts Cheaters At University of Central Florida

Professor Richard Quinn of University of Central Florida delivered this lecture after discovering that at least one-third of the class had cheated on a midterm exam.

The only question is the sanction. The result appears to be that everyone gets to retake the exam, including those students who cheated. Quinn intervened to prevent the students from being punished. I was with him on the whole lecture until the conclusion. The students will be required to take a four-hour ethics course if they chose to retake the exam. I am also a bit skeptical about the use of exam from “exam banks” or a publisher supplied exam. Such tests are often available publicly. You do not have these problems if you draft your own exams.

Jonathan Turley

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    It’s almost sad how academia makes people so self important.

  2. In a society in which the traditional infant-child transition is the indoctrination of the deception of time-corrupted learning, what is and is not ethical?

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  4. An alternative analysis is that this professor has been coasting along testing the same canned material for 20 years, and the students exposed his lack of effort…the “extraordinary effort” of working late a few days and creating a brand new test each year! Also, while I know nothing about him…this seems to be some sort of business class. Has he actually been anything in business…or just a professor for 20 years.

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