I wanted to wish all of our virtual family at the blog a Happy Thanksgiving. I am particularly thankful for the regulars on this blog who have made this site a place for civil and reasoned discussion and debate. This is my favorite holiday and I hope that each of you will have a great time today.

We have over two dozen people over at our house this year from Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, New York, Denmark, and Switzerland. I am making our usual two Turkey dinner (one smoked on the grill) and of course my traditional Waldorf salad. I also do the gravy. However, before the big culinary push, we have our traditional Turkey Bowl (45 years and running). Every year, we invite all of the kids in the neighborhood for a touch football game of the Chicago Bears (God’s Team) against the Washington Redskins. With the record of the Redskins this year, I might finally have a surplus of Bears volunteers on my team. We expect 30 or so kids (who are drawn as much by the donuts as the glory of the game). Rain or shine, the game will go on. Given the rain outside of my window right now, this could be a wet cold game but that is what the coffee and hot chocolate is for.

After the Bears are victorious and all is right with the world, I will return to cooking and try not to have my grilled Turkey catch fire this year (an annual struggle that amuses everyone but myself).

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all . . . even the Redskins.

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    The Navy found they had too many officers and decided to offer an early retirement bonus. They promised any officer who volunteered for Retirement a bonus of $1,000 for every inch measured in a straight line between any Two
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  2. Sarah and Johnny were have’n lunch in the cafeteria when Johnny says, What cha eaten? Sarah said a turkey sammich, it’s my favorite I eat it every day. Johnny said me too.

    About a month passes and they are once again hav’n lunch when Johnny notices Sarah eating a peanut butter jelly sammich and says, hey what happened? Why you eat’n a PP & J ? Sarah told Johnny she had to quit cause she started grow’n feathers down yonder. Johnny said no way, can I see? So Sarah lift up her skirt and showed him.

    The next day Sarah seen Johnny eat’n a PP & J and ask Johnny why you eat’n a PP & J ? Johnny told her he was grow’n feathers too. Sarah said no way can I see? So Johnny dropped his pants and Sarah said wow Johnny not only do you got feathers, you got the neck and gizzards too.

  3. Buddha,

    I can’t find my Porn for Dummies … I suspect one of the grandkids swiped it …

  4. Blouise,

    You are forgetting Chapter 2 of “Porn For Dummies” which says you should always “count the orifices” if you missed the point of a joke.

  5. Bda,

    Yeah but a bunch of them fell right into the gardens and flower beds where only a rake and a blower will get them. Hey, yard guys need to make money too … at least that’s what my husband tells me.

    I like the CO2 explanation … that makes sense … more oxygen for me right? … if the leaves were doing their job …

    By the way, when I brine a turkey (turkey is my favorite meat so we do birds all year long), I cheat. I use Williams-Sonoma turkey brine with H2O and cider. They also sell some of the best cranberry sauce out there.

  6. If this offends, I apologize from the onset but to good to pass up.

    Speaking of Walnut

    What do you get when you have two nuts on a wall?


    What do you get when you have two nuts on your chest?


    What do you get when you have two nuts on your chin?

  7. Swathmore Mom I’m not a fan of Salmon however in our local grocery store on the BBQ Isle they sell these wooden planks of different woods and I think they can be used in ovens and reused.

    I have an advantage with wood as my neighbor across the street has a wood works shop set up in his garage and he is forever making all kinds of furniture. I get a barrel of his scraps that contain an assortment of different wood that I use to smoke with. IE, Cherry Walnut, Maple, ect. I always get excited to see UPS or Fed Ex showing up for his deliveries.

  8. Run them over with the lawn mower. Good mulch for the ground.

    I put my thinking cap on after your last response.

    Answer: Increased CO2 in the atmosphere keeping them greener and longer on the tree.

  9. Bdaman
    1, November 27, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Next year can we all invite ourselves to your house?

    As long as there are no more people than there are leaves on your trees. 🙂


    (Can SB may … may we all invite …)

    Leaves! lol … smartass … the yard guys have to come back and do another rake job … this is costing me!

  10. P.S. Try Bamboo papers, I have and they seem to work best when rolling more than an oz. at a time. 🙂

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