Man Escapes Jail By Squeezing Through Cell Bars

Kristopher Allen White, 23, knows how to get himself out of a tight squeeze. White was able to force his body through bars in his cell that were only four and a half inches apart at the Haywood County Jail.

White then put blankets over the barbed wire fence and fled. Friends then gave him a ride — though they insisted that he told them that he had been released.

He has now been recaptured and presumable put in a cell with a solid door.

Source: WMCTV

15 thoughts on “Man Escapes Jail By Squeezing Through Cell Bars”

  1. “anon nurse 1, November 26, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Excellent point about the head size. So maybe the guy had help… I think a demonstration is in order.”

    Maybe some one was trying to take advantage of the “little guy”

  2. Where there’s a will there’s a way eh, he’ll probably spend some time in solitary………..such a jerk

  3. Excellent point about the head size. So maybe the guy had help… I think a demonstration is in order.

  4. I’m confused. He “forced his body” through bars only 4 1/2″ apart, so . . . his head went through a bigger open space? A small schnauzer would have to turn its head to squeeze between bars 4 1/2″ apart.

  5. Confusing to me, too. Caught at the Mexican border, but jailed in Tennessee, not TX….

    They have cameras, but no supervision? And no locked door/s between his cell and freedom? We’re living in “1984” and this guy escapes?

  6. Good morning Mr. EBob. If I was being held in Brownsville Texas for robbing churches I’d be motivated to give it a try myself. I pity the fool…

  7. And a good morning to AY and AN and all. I hope everyone is on their way to a speedy recovery from the holiday celebrations.

    The X Files did a season 1 ep. titled “Squeeze” that dealt wit a man that could elongate his body and squeeze through tiny places (like the heating/AC vents in a house) on his quest for victims.

  8. LottaK…

    I would say ain’t that the shits….but then you have to eat to get them…Truth..

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