Berlin Butcher Bests Berserk Bavarian Boar Before Beast Batters Bewildered By-Stander

A Berlin butcher is several ham steaks richer tonight but about 5000 Euros poorer after a wild boar invaded his shop. Rainer Kraemer says the boar wandered in from nearby woods to wreak havoc on his store and its customers. The hour-long assault did about 5000 Euros (~$7,500.00) in damage and left the butcher shaken.

“Once the boar pushed through the door, I quickly helped the customer out of store and then went to try to guard the production equipment,” said Kraemer. He and a sales clerk were unhurt in the rampage but unable to stop the boar. A customer escaped with only minor injury. A local hunter was summoned who shot the animal to stop the carnage.

“Insurance covers theft and fire, but the butcher shop isn’t covered for a wild boar attack,” said Kraemer, whose shop is in the town of Hoehr-Grenzhausen near the western city of Koblenz.

Source: Reuters

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. Here is a rare song about another Dr. Jon from my college days.

    I was surprised to find this regional hit (Texas) on YouTube.

  2. I swear that looked like Animal (the orange Muppet drummer) atop ol’ Doc John’s haid…

  3. Late to the fair and haven’t yet moved past the title and a few of the comments…

    “Mespho, All b’s in the alliterated title, you’re setting the bar pretty high” -lottakatz



    …and consonance and dissonance, as well, I believe. (It’s been a long time since my British Lit class.)

  4. Ham Steak….teach the Butcher to keep his frigging fingers off of the scales…..

  5. The British government is becoming as transparently jack-booted as we are:

    “Government proposes to scrap need for scientific advice on drugs policy

    Amendment removes requirement to appoint at least six scientists to Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs”

    Alok Jha, science correspondent, Sunday 5 December 2010 19.24 GMT

    “Former Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris – a campaigner for evidence-based policy – says the government is ‘ill-advised to hack away at science advisory structures’. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian
    Ministers will not be required to seek the advice of scientists when making drug classification policy in future, under new government proposals.

    The police reform and social responsibility bill, published last week, contains an amendment to the constitution of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) that would remove the requirement on the home secretary to appoint at least six scientists to the committee.

    A further amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 would allow the home secretary to place temporary controls on substances for a year by statutory instrument. …”

  6. Great story Mespo. I still can’t say the title correctly, but I am still working on it.
    I loved the Dr. John video. I first saw him on TV when he followed a performance by Cat Stevens and his “entrance” was expecially amusing to Cat.

  7. It just seemed so appropriate, mespo.

    There are a lot of things about New Orleans I don’t love, but Dr. John is most certainly not on that list. There’s only one Dr. John and he’s a national treasure.

  8. BIL, great selection! I think the YouTube embed code is working properly again too.

    Mespho, All b’s in the alliterated title, you’re setting the bar pretty high 🙂

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