The Educated Abuser: Tunisian Diplomat’s Son Caught Savagely Beating Five-Month-Old Puppy And Allowed To Walk

Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, the son of a leading Tunisian official, was reportedly turned down for a job so he went home and decided to beat his dog — captured in a horrific six-minute film abusing his five-month-old labrador named Poppy. It appears however that being educated gives you something of a license for beating puppies because you said you had “a bad day.”

Poppy was hit by more than 20 blows by 21-year-old Manchester University student — caught by a CCTV outside his luxury apartment.

Despite the film, judges allowed him to avoid any jail time and simply gave him a suspended sentence and an order not to keep animals for four years. They cited the fact that he was a full-time student. It appears, therefore, that cruelly beating an animal is more excusable if you are a student as opposed to some simple wage earner. I know it makes a great deal of difference to the dog whether the foot pressing down on his neck belongs to an educated man.

Notably, the magistrates had to stop the film in the trial because they found it too upsetting and then allowed him to walk. Jane Dyson, chairwoman of the bench, said: “This is simply a terrible demonstration of cruelty to a vulnerable puppy. None of us have seen anything like it – you have just avoided prison.” I was with her all the way up to that last point.

Source: Daily Mail

Jonathan Turley

20 thoughts on “The Educated Abuser: Tunisian Diplomat’s Son Caught Savagely Beating Five-Month-Old Puppy And Allowed To Walk”

  1. The lad deserves a ” blanket party ” an old trick we did as lads to punish some guy, toss a blanket over his head cinch a belt around his arms spin him around a few times, then everyone gets a fair crack at him, lesson learned………..toddles

  2. An uneducated boy from a poor third world country; they shouldnt be allowed to be among us, somehow, he managed to find his way into this country. See how he upsets us all. Tunisia is very poor, and the majority of Tunisians are poor and poorly educated. They should be left there in Tunisia.

  3. I hate him and I would WILLINGLY do the same to him, Please let somebody who knows him tell him what an evil scumbag he is and no longer want to know him. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire. The evil, evil piece of sh**e. I hope you continue to have bad days for the rest of your life and nothing ever goes well for you again. You vile excuse for a human being – ROT IN HELL.

  4. I think people are getting very angry and here’s an issue to lock onto.
    If he were beaten by his neighbors – who’d feel sad about it?

  5. Kristin: The Dog was siezed and is being re-homed

    I understand that this gentleman has been suspended from his University course for bringing the establishment into disrepute

    “He was given a six-week sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 250 hours of unpaid work” this is unfortunately the worrying trend in sentencing over here, not just for the children of foreign diplomats.

    The full story can be found here:

    You only have to look at the number of comments posted to this story to obtain a measure of how he is regarded in the UK

  6. Bad verdict. As Isabel Darcy indicated, “pressure” was applied somewhere…


    “Kristin, Poppy was impounded and doing well. She will probably be adopted according to the linked article.”

    Thanks for the upate, lottakatz…

  7. The sentence is indeed peculiar given the Brit’s love of dogs. There had to be some pressure put on the judges by the Foreign Office.

    The comments in the Daily Mail do not support the verdict. Most want him thrown out of his college, jailed and then deported back to Tunisia. Some are happy with immediate deportation.

  8. If reincarnation is a real possibility….I wonder if he’ll come back as an abused doggy……one could hope….

  9. I hope someone catches this guy in a dark alley and beats the crap out of him and then walks away free and clear… I know, I know – two wrongs do not make a right but that was my initial reaction. After all, if a person will beat a defenseless animal who/what else will they beat next? A girl he dates? A future wife or child? He did get a fine, community service and a prohibition from owning a dog for four years but where are the anger management classes??? I think those would have been warranted…

  10. “The political avoidance of punishment because dad is in government!”

    This in a nutshell is why the result is what it is.

    I might also add that I hope there is a special level of hell for those who abuse animals.

  11. Kristin, Poppy was impounded and doing well. She will probably be adopted according to the linked article.

  12. Ahhhh!

    The political avoidance of punishment because dad is in government!

    Smells like . . . bullshit.

  13. I didn’t watch the vid, the still in the linked news article was more than enough. The article had this as the rationale for no jail time:

    “Abou-Sabaa, from Manchester, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Poppy.
    Magistrates decided not to jail him immediately because of his age, his guilty plea, and because he was in full-time education.”

    He did get a fine, community service and a prohibition from owning a dog for four years.

    Bull, he’s a diplomats son, I’m surprised he was even arrested, is my first thought but maybe not. Mary Beal, the cat-in-the-bin perp similarly got a fine and prohibition from owning a pet.

  14. “educated gives you something of a license for beating puppies”

    This is a leap but,the other night Wesley Snipes was on Larry King talking about his tax problem and,i guess as I post this he should be checking into the federal prison in Pennsylvania,I haven’t heard of any last minute change to that.His attorney said a one court appearance he brought a cashiers check for $6.5 million dollars to court to I believe settle this situation but the judge refused the check,he was later convicted on (3) misdemeanor charges and is starting a three year term as I post,again I assume that for I have not heard any different.

    I am saying all that to say this,as I was watching the interview it brought to mind another person who had failed to pay their taxes,but was given the chance to pay and he became our treasury secretary.

    So its seems that the education allows you to beat more than puppies.

  15. Well well, well educated eh, seems here Mr. Dumb Ass has no clue about decency or respect for self or anything, so let see now, yes that’s it, yes the Great Gawd of Karma has passed an edict saying that in the next life this mohammad abou-sabaashole will come back as a dog. I could not watch the entire video of this piece of human drek abuse the dog and I seriously question what was on the mind of the addled judge who let this duffus walk………nuff said.

  16. I don’t wnat to watch the video, but this guy should be behind bars. This kind of cruelty is a signal or warning that this individual is going to explode on something or someone else. Disgusting.

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