Former Police Officer Sent to Prison After Sexually Assaulting Illegal Immigrants

Former Anaheim police officer Bradley Stewart Wagner, 62, is going to jail for four years after pleading guilty to sexual assaults against various women. His chosen victims were illegal immigrants whom he threatened to deport if they did not have sex with him.

Notably, after accepting the plea (which was less than the maximum of seven years), Wagner tried to back out of it. He retained new counsel and claimed that he did not understand the plea because he was taking pain medication. However, his former attorneys, Jennifer L. Keller and Kay Rackauckas testified that Wagner never informed them that he was taking drugs or was incapable of signing the plea. Orange County Superior Court Judge Walter Schwarm proceeded to reject Wagner’s motion.

Source: OC Register

Jonathan Turley

9 thoughts on “Former Police Officer Sent to Prison After Sexually Assaulting Illegal Immigrants”

  1. On the other side, he shall find truth and justice does not exist… is hard to know whom is the criminal….

  2. “Thousands of federal law enforcement agents work their tails off to put crooks behind bars. But on occasion, some of the very same folks who carry a gun and a badge and slap the cuffs on the bad guys end up stepping over the line. Way over the line.

    AOL News thought it was worth looking back at some of the more notable of these incidents from 2010”:


    ANAHEIM, Calif. (Dec. 16) — An arrest warrant has been issued for a former police chief of a small Los Angeles County suburb accused of publicly disseminating nude pictures of himself and exposing himself near hiking trails, officials said today.

    “Nothing in this job surprises us anymore,” Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez told AOL News. “You never know … as long as these people come from the human race, anything is possible.”

  4. Unfortunately, Mr. Wagner is just one of the many corrupt police officers who should be behind prison walls for their double-standard enforcement of the law. Wagner might have justified his own actions by convincing himself that these were *only* illegal immigrants he was sexually abusing and he was really doing them a favor by not reporting them.

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