Now This Is A Kick Off

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Hawaii’s unparalleled marching band.

This also seems a fitting time to note that Rafflaw has agreed to shed anonymity and expressed an interest in posting during our free-for-all weekends. As I mentioned, I have a number of other regulars in mind who have been on the blog for years and have been wonderful contributors. I will continue to explore ways to add new voices as well as the other innovations suggested by our regulars to improve the blog. Guest blogging requires both a surrendering of anonymity as well as a proven willingness to comply with our hard and fast civility rules (even in the face of persistent trolls). I expect some of our regulars would prefer to continue to post commentary in response to stories and I am grateful to both our guest bloggers and regulars commentators. We have a great bench of pitchers and hitters.

Rafflaw and the rest of the guest bloggers will be blogging more than usual between Dec. 22nd and Jan. 2 because I will be traveling to Chicago in our annual Christmas trip. The Internet is a bit spotty at our family’s house on the Northside. However, I will also be posting as the signal allows.

89 thoughts on “Now This Is A Kick Off”

  1. Blouise:

    Since my Mom is from Ohio, I will have to show her this clip once I arrive in Chicago for the holidays. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. BIL:

    Back in the day when some of my friends were in a “mellow”mood,since you mentioned Pink Floyd,I would convince them to put on the head set and I would play Pink Floyd “careful with that axe eugene” and I would sit back and wait for the scream.You would not believe the reactions I caught from them.

  3. Rafflaw, Congratulations on the new duties here at the best law blawg on the interwebs!

    Blouise, Welcome back.

  4. raff,

    No. It’s off Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.

    When I saw them live, he played an extended intro. The stage was dark except for some projected images and Mason had his roto-toms on high rack, playing them with fiber optic drum sticks that they fired multi-colored lasers through. It was visually and aurally impressive.


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