Now This Is A Kick Off

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Hawaii’s unparalleled marching band.

This also seems a fitting time to note that Rafflaw has agreed to shed anonymity and expressed an interest in posting during our free-for-all weekends. As I mentioned, I have a number of other regulars in mind who have been on the blog for years and have been wonderful contributors. I will continue to explore ways to add new voices as well as the other innovations suggested by our regulars to improve the blog. Guest blogging requires both a surrendering of anonymity as well as a proven willingness to comply with our hard and fast civility rules (even in the face of persistent trolls). I expect some of our regulars would prefer to continue to post commentary in response to stories and I am grateful to both our guest bloggers and regulars commentators. We have a great bench of pitchers and hitters.

Rafflaw and the rest of the guest bloggers will be blogging more than usual between Dec. 22nd and Jan. 2 because I will be traveling to Chicago in our annual Christmas trip. The Internet is a bit spotty at our family’s house on the Northside. However, I will also be posting as the signal allows.

89 thoughts on “Now This Is A Kick Off”

  1. Buddha,
    Is that the same “Time” that the Chambers Brothers had in the 60’s? Great solo. 16 years old and so talented. Wow. Thanks!
    Former Fed,
    I love Celtic Thunder. I actually got my daughters tickets to see a Celtic Women concert here in the Chicago area. They are one of my PBS favorites. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. FFLEO,

    OMG … that video literally took my breath away … thank you so much for posting it … I’m going to show it to my husband as soon as he gets back. Total and complete entertainment!

  3. Blouise,

    This is one of the many reasons I like Irish fiddle. In addition, beginning at 1:11 and 2:14 and elsewhere on the video is the featured cellist of the group. Celtic Thunder is great entertainment and I like that the music includes a large orchestral ensemble in the “pit” featuring mostly stings.

  4. I love happy accidents.

    This is something I found looking for a Nick Mason solo (specifically a live version of the roto-tom solo on “Time” – which I found but had crap sound and camera work) to add to the drum tribute in honor of raff’s new position.

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Dylan Elise. He was 16 when this was made. Raff! In your honor . . .


  5. Blouise

    “Bet you saw a lot of drummers come through the Emergency room!”


    🙂 Many wild nights, that’s for sure…

    (My previous comment posted prematurely… No hip-hop tune, yet. Maybe later.)

  6. FFLEO,

    I have a nephew in the CG … rigorous training all the time. He’s decided to make it a career. He’s very happy there.

  7. anon nurse,

    Good to be back … don’t want to go through that again.

    Bet you saw a lot of drummers come through the Emergency room! 🙂

  8. Buddha,

    Took a look ’cause it’s Spinal Tap … spontaneous combustion sounds about right … very good stuff.


    Women start dishonorable wars all the time … we just blame it on a man … thus carrying dishonor to its natural conclusion.

  9. OS,

    And a fine tribute to Raff indeed! A thousand thanks, OS. You have made my musical cup runneth over and that solo made me giggle like a little kid.

  10. Thanks Buddha.

    Otteray Scribe,

    I think your daughter would be wise to use the Coast Guard as her LE training ground. That service would look impressive on any resume if she decided not to make a career in the CG. If she were interested, she could opt for OCS.

    The nephew I mentioned above started in the CG as a helicopter mechanic. He learned a great deal about aviation, which led to his changing careers to join the USAF as an aviator. He had very good things to say about CG life.

    An important aspect of joining any of the military services is the feeling of pride you get from serving. That is hard to explain to someone who has not been in the military. Although I had graduated from college before entering the Army, I rank my military service as one of the most important deeds of my life.

    Here is recent news illustrating the opportunities for women in modern military service. This was a first for the Coast Guard.

  11. Well, this is quite the hot spot this Friday eve…


    Bussha = Buddha … time to take some legal drugs …

    🙂 (So good to have you back.)

    And rafflaw, my earlier reference to the DREAM team wasn’t about a bunch of lawyers in CA — I was thinking of the original Dream Team… Checking Wikepedia, there are others…

    Dream Team may also refer to:

    Dream Team (comics), a fictional group of Marvel Comics superheroes

    The Dream Team (warez), a cracking/releasing warez group for the IBM PC active 1989–1996

    LA Dream Team, American hip-hop act

    I have no idea what “a cracking/releasing warez group” is, but here’s the hip-hop act…

    The Turley Guest Bloggers are certainly versatile

  12. Otteray Scribe,
    My heart goes out to you and your wife on the loss of your son. With our son in harms way now, I know what you mean about phone calls in the night. What really touched me was the comments about the flag. My Mom received one when my Father died in the service and I remember looking at that flag when I was young and your comments brought those feelings back. I can only imagine your grief then and now. I hope the passage of time has helped. The Mull of Kintyre would have been a wonderful song for the memorial. Thanks also for the Gaelic derivation of Rafferty!
    Former Fed,
    I also was moved with your memories of your fallen brother. Vietnam was such a crazy time. My brother served there, but he survived. A malaria scare, but he came home. My thanks to you and your family and to Otteray’s family for your relatives sacrifice. If I can ever help, please do not hesitate to ask.

  13. BIL: if you like drums, you will like John Joe Kelley. Offered up in honor of our newest Irish heritage blogger, rafflaw:

    Embedding has been disabled but you can watch it on YouTube here:

  14. BIL,

    Speaking of chocolate; Yesterday I had a chance to sample a chocolate wine.

    It was pretty damn good. Almost too good.

    A chilled glass or two before bedtime may be just what the doctor ordered. And it’s cheap. About $10 a bottle.

  15. Slarti,

    No, just the number of them that have had a chance to can be counted on one hand. Queen Victoria comes to mind. Her handling of India wasn’t exactly honorable.

  16. OS,

    I’d never even heard of the Top Secret Drum Corps much less heard them. All I can say is “Wow!” Those cats have it goin’ on! Who knew the Swiss were good at anything other than cheese, chocolate, watches, optics, multi-function knives and secret banking?

  17. Buddha,

    Are you implying that women don’t start dishonorable wars? (I can’t think of a counterexample, mind you…)

  18. FFLEO: Thank you. His loss was not related to combat but to other causes. But gone is gone and there is an empty chair at the table forever. We have a family tradition for service.

    I like your observation at the end of your comment. It is so true. I just had breakfast a few days ago with a Vietnam vet. He was one of the Nimrods who flew in Laos. He won the DFC and other medals for 150 night missions through the karst and the AAA along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. My 22 y/o daughter is interested in law enforcement and has been talking about joining the Coast Guard.

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