Now This Is A Kick Off

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Hawaii’s unparalleled marching band.

This also seems a fitting time to note that Rafflaw has agreed to shed anonymity and expressed an interest in posting during our free-for-all weekends. As I mentioned, I have a number of other regulars in mind who have been on the blog for years and have been wonderful contributors. I will continue to explore ways to add new voices as well as the other innovations suggested by our regulars to improve the blog. Guest blogging requires both a surrendering of anonymity as well as a proven willingness to comply with our hard and fast civility rules (even in the face of persistent trolls). I expect some of our regulars would prefer to continue to post commentary in response to stories and I am grateful to both our guest bloggers and regulars commentators. We have a great bench of pitchers and hitters.

Rafflaw and the rest of the guest bloggers will be blogging more than usual between Dec. 22nd and Jan. 2 because I will be traveling to Chicago in our annual Christmas trip. The Internet is a bit spotty at our family’s house on the Northside. However, I will also be posting as the signal allows.

89 thoughts on “Now This Is A Kick Off”

  1. Bdaman
    1, December 17, 2010 at 6:10 pm
    Alto Sax


    Did you ever do any jazz?

  2. I think one of the Dolphin’s coaches must have played in this marching band.


  3. FFLEO,

    Of course not … we cello players dress in black velvet and cream-colored silk, we sip champagne after a performance, and never, never do we march anywhere in the snow and rain.

    Also, if female, we are taught at an early age to never, under any circumstances, date a drummer!

    Here’s how we spend our performance time:

  4. Hey Blouise, they weren’t no chellers in them Ohier marchin’ bands…

  5. Had to give a little love to my Spartan Marching Band (or at least their drumline) – the rest of the band is pretty good, too…



  6. Elaine … this is the third time I’m going to try and post this … 2 others have disappeared … probably has something to do with the link which is strange ’cause the link is to this blog

    At any rate:

    LOL at the Python vid

    Please go to the thread “Ron Paul Speaks about Wikileaks on the Floor of the House” dated Dec. 11th and scroll down 3/4’s of the way to three Muppet videos I posted starting with a song by Kenny Rogers … you’ll love ’em.

  7. Great percussion, OS.

    However, since I think I remember that rafflaw stated he was a Rafferty (?) this music might be ancestrally relevant with the pipes and all.

  8. Bda,

    Oh sure … one game OSU lost! Braggart! And naturally, Hayes misbehaved ….

    What instrument did you play … and don’t you dare tell me you were a sparkle-butt!

  9. Folks to be honest,I thought someone may have been spying on my wife and myself when we argue we do it by slapping the kitchen table ans clapping our hands and if you notice the young ladys last move,she knocked the guy out the chair.LOL!!!

  10. If this is going to be a band fest to celebrate rafflaw’s elevation to the bench of High Court of Turley, lets have a bit of the Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland.


  11. And here’s some precision drilling from Monty Python:


  12. Blouise I was in the Duval County Marching Band that played halftime at the Gator Bowl. Here’s one of the games I marched in.

  13. rafflaw
    1, December 17, 2010 at 5:01 pm
    I will take my Marching Salukis with their piano on wheels anytime!!


    You poor baby … my band-loving heart goes out to you

    Marching Salukis Play Lady GaGa

  14. Well, eniobob, you have to hand it to that clappin’ couple. I wonder if they ever held hands again?….

    (Um, that girl is quite a looker and handy too)

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