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Earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Meet the Press and gave David Gregory an interesting answer to Gregory’s questions concerning our exit strategy in Afghanistan.  The Vice President not only confirmed that the Obama Administration still plans on beginning a drawdown of troops from Afghanistan starting in July of 2011, he also stated that we will complete the departure from Afghanistan in 2014.  “We’re starting it in July of 2011. And we’re gonna be totally out of there, come hell or high water, by 2014.”  Leave it Vice President Biden to answer the question with such flowery language. 

Of course, there are many questions that I would have followed up with, but to stay true to my title, I came away with one important question.  Vice President Biden, why will it take over 3 years to remove our troops safely from Afghanistan?  I realize that Vice President Biden will never answer that question, even if someone more important than myself asks it.  However, I think it is still an important question no matter who asks it.  I am also concerned that his “hell and high water” comment might not make the Pentagon too happy.  What happens if conditions on the ground don’t go as well as the Obama Administration hopes for?  What happens if the Pentagon does not agree with the civilian decision to depart by 2014?  Another question that comes to mind is if we are going to be out of Afghanistan by 2014, does that also include our unofficial actions in Pakistan?

Ok, I have to admit that I lied.  I guess I really had more than just one question for the Vice President.  I hope you can understand my impatience since we have been at war in Afghanistan  for almost a decade.  Those are just a few of the questions that I have.  I have some others, but I want to see what the rest of the Turley Nation thinks are important questions for Vice President Biden to answer concerning our war in Afghanistan.  I am sure that you will have a lot of questions that David Gregory didn’t ask!     Have a great week!

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  1. Democrats adore war. That is why the troops are not out yet. The unemployment numbers would soar too. That would make the war-mongers look bad. Can’t have that.

    Oh, but the dangerous, seditious, extremist department called the DHS could take in all those soldiers we wouldn’t need if we stopped our imperialist ventures.

    You do know that the US sponsors terrorism (via immigration and tourism) for the sake of its fastest growing federally run jobs program: national security?

    You cannot justify a totalitarian police-state without terrorists. Which is why the feds keep bringing them in.

    Ron Paul rocks. He hates all this despotism.

  2. What makes Biden think Obama will be in the position to bring he troops home in 2014?

  3. Lotta,

    All Presidents turn out to be blood-thirsty ogres … I guess if they can’t get a few American Servicemen and women killed in battle during their term in office then they haven’t really fulfilled their responsibility to the Constitution. If you think about it … they’re kind of a sick bunch … I mean, they actually make up excuses and fabricate events in order to put the military in harm’s way. What’s the word for someone who uses power simply to destroy their own?

  4. Blouise, Right you are, Johnson couldn’t do it, got run out of office (viva la revolution) and we ended up with Nixon, the guy with the plan to end the war. American politics have been bizarre for all of my life.

  5. “Lotta,
    I do remember that Nixon ran twice on a peace platform. Is history repeating itself?” (rufflaw)


    So did Johnson … Goldwater was the pro-war guy in that election.

  6. Re Nixon/Kennedy debate. I was 10 years old and I watched it. In those days of black and white TV people practically had to be painted orange not to look like a zombie on TV. Nixon refused makeup and also sported a sinister 5 o’clock shadow.

  7. Manning has been forcibly medicated with some sort of anti-depressant. He also has been held in solitary confinement (though they won’t admit it, calling it “prevention of injury” custody) for 7 months. For those who know the USMJ out there, isn’t there anything in the USMJ that requires a speedy trial?

    Coincidentally, I watched a program about Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped by the whacko preacher. The preacher was judged incompetent to stand trial for years and refused to take meds. His refusal was upheld by the courts. What’s the difference between his rights vis a vis forced medication and Mannings?

    Also, Glenn Greewald on Salon has interviewed army personnel in charge of Mannings’ custody at Quantico. Shocking stuff. It seems to me the feds are shooting themselves in the foot for treating him this way, but what do I know.

  8. Blouise and Elaine,
    I would really like to see someone who won’t throw softball questions at the guests to be hosting Meet the Press, but the main stream media won’t go out on a limb because they would never get these people on again. Rachel Maddow comes to mind!
    I do remember that Nixon ran twice on a peace platform. Is history repeating itself?
    AY and eniobob, sweating and shifty. Two words that sum up Richard Nixon. The media could really make the difference if they weren’t corporate owned. How about legislation that requires a monthly appearance on PBS for every President?

  9. AY:
    Don’t forget the little trickles of sweat that was on Nixons brow also.

    THe Media,The Media,The Media.

    They hold the key to it all.

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