Iowa Legislators To Impeach Iowa Justices Who Voted For Same-Sex Marriage

For Republican legislators in Iowa, it was not enough that three state supreme court justices who voted to strike down a ban on gay marriage were recently defeated in their reelection bids after being targeted by conservatives. Now, legislators want to impeach the remaining four justices from the unanimous decision.

Former gubernatorial contender (and campaign chair for Mike Huckabee) Bob Vander Plaats led the effort to strip the Court of justices voting to recognize the civil liberties of homosexual couples.

As I mentioned in the closing argument in the Porteous case on the Senate floor, there has been an increase in demands for impeachment in both the federal and state systems. Removal on the basis of a particular ruling would be a monstrous abuse of impeachment power and an attack on the very foundations of an independent judiciary.

Source:The Hill

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Sure they do, and in Iowa they have a right to remove judges who make rulings they disagree with. But the constitution says people don’t have complete control over what goes on in their states. The states’ rights are circumscribed by the constitution.

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