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Earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Meet the Press and gave David Gregory an interesting answer to Gregory’s questions concerning our exit strategy in Afghanistan.  The Vice President not only confirmed that the Obama Administration still plans on beginning a drawdown of troops from Afghanistan starting in July of 2011, he also stated that we will complete the departure from Afghanistan in 2014.  “We’re starting it in July of 2011. And we’re gonna be totally out of there, come hell or high water, by 2014.”  Leave it Vice President Biden to answer the question with such flowery language. 

Of course, there are many questions that I would have followed up with, but to stay true to my title, I came away with one important question.  Vice President Biden, why will it take over 3 years to remove our troops safely from Afghanistan?  I realize that Vice President Biden will never answer that question, even if someone more important than myself asks it.  However, I think it is still an important question no matter who asks it.  I am also concerned that his “hell and high water” comment might not make the Pentagon too happy.  What happens if conditions on the ground don’t go as well as the Obama Administration hopes for?  What happens if the Pentagon does not agree with the civilian decision to depart by 2014?  Another question that comes to mind is if we are going to be out of Afghanistan by 2014, does that also include our unofficial actions in Pakistan?

Ok, I have to admit that I lied.  I guess I really had more than just one question for the Vice President.  I hope you can understand my impatience since we have been at war in Afghanistan  for almost a decade.  Those are just a few of the questions that I have.  I have some others, but I want to see what the rest of the Turley Nation thinks are important questions for Vice President Biden to answer concerning our war in Afghanistan.  I am sure that you will have a lot of questions that David Gregory didn’t ask!     Have a great week!

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  1. OS,

    I think that I recall, the Nixon, Kennedy TV debate (via History classes) and Dick although answered the questions better than the younger….his problem was his shifty eyes….Not trustworthy………..

    Enough said….

  2. The question for me is ‘just how much of the SSDD is this?
    I remember this bait and switch with Nixon. He promised that electing a new administration would end the war. And it didn’t, his administration actively worked to slow down the peace talks. Then he promised in ’72 ‘peace is at hand’. Elect me again and I’ll really, really end the war this time. Deja vue.

    A couple of other questions I’d ask is: do we have a date certain for the non combat troops in IRAQ? Are we going to be pulling out all of the merc’s we so lavishly pay concurrently?

    The new embassy/small city-state (sort of like a Vatican City thing-y) in Iraq continues to be built, that’s going to take a bunch of ‘security forces’ to keep secure, so I’m just wondering.

  3. “Then again, I wonder if the television networks want their moderators of programs like Meet the Press to really “press” their guests for answers to hard-hitting questions.” (Elaine)


    I’ve stopped watching so many of these programs for exactly that reasons … PBS does a much better job

  4. rafflaw,

    I have a question: Can’t NBC find a better moderator for Meet the Press than David Gregory? Then again, I wonder if the television networks want their moderators of programs like Meet the Press to really “press” their guests for answers to hard-hitting questions. Another thing: You so often see the same “so-called” experts/talking heads on these shows week after week. Listeners don’t get a lot of substantive in-depth discussions–we do hear a lot of talking heads from the left and right giving us their opinions.

  5. rafflaw,

    I lost 2 very good friends in Nam and although my brother survived the hostilities, Nam killed him in the end.

    I never demonstrated in the streets against the war in Nam because I couldn’t do that to my friends or my brother … or to any serviceman/woman doing their “year” there. But I hated it then and I hate it now.

    I feel exactly the same about this war.

    “Hey, Hey LBJ – How many kids did you kill today?” is not a jeer from me. I mean it quite literally … for each and every death rests squarely on the heads of those sitting in Washington and I intend that none of them forget that for as long as they live.

    I am not a pacifist … there are some evils in this world that can only be contained by war and I believe there are some causes worth dieing for … but the rationale for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan do not justify the blood and treasure our leadership has so cavalierly spent.

  6. So if come ‘hell or highwater’, comes… wouldnt we have just been better off to get out now? I mean, what is there to think that the next two years will go any different than the last nine? If the outcome in two years does not make a difference as to whether we stay or not… then we should leave now.

  7. Blouise,
    I guess I am showing my age when I say I remember that LBJ jeer. I can remember those Vietnam days. I wish I could say that I remember them with fondness. Too many of sons and daughters were lost for nothing. I do hope that Afghanistan ends up the same way. I would prefer a departure form Afghanistan in 2011, instead of 2014. How can anyone in the Pentagon explain to a mother or wife or father or husband that their loved one was the last one to die before we left in 2014?

  8. Even if Manning is not being tortured, the sad fact is that no one would believe a denial by the President or Vice-President because Obama is protecting Bush and Cheney and any others who participated in the practice.

    Also, the age old tactic wherein politicians attempt to discredit the accused by portraying him as a “crazy-man” is no longer viable because everyone would suspect that torture drove him mad.

    And thus the damn fools are hoisted with their own petard (good ol’ Hamlet again)

    As to the “come hell or high water, by 2014” … that’s so damn transparent even a blind man could see through it. Come 2012 … 10% of the voting population will vote for the sitting President because there is a war in progress (quoting Jimmy Carter from remarks he made concerning the re-election of Bush in 2004) and those who want us out will vote for the sitting President because he’s set a date and those who want to continue will vote for the incumbent because he’s promised 2 more years of warring. It’s a win-win-win statement and means absolutely nothing.

    I can think of 5 serious questions I would like to ask the Administration about this war in Afghanistan but what a waste of time that would be. No, quite honestly I would simply repeat a question from my youth: “Hey, Hey LBJ – How many kids did you kill today?”

  9. “I was watching his eyes. I have not seen such shifty eyes since I last interviewed a guy charged with two counts of first degree murder.”

    Yep. Always watch the eyes… They’re often telling.

  10. rafflaw, you are exactly correct. FYI, just so you will know, here is our web page. This is one my areas of expertise, and I am shocked and appalled by this whole thing, beginning with Gitmo, the detention of Jose Padilla and now Bradley Manning. I testified recently in the case of an extorted confession where the defendant had been subjected to a lot less than Manning.

  11. OS,
    I think the fact that he has not been convicted of anything. If these reports are correct, as you have suggested, he may not be able to function for his defense attorney. This guy needs some high powered help. It would be nice if the main stream media could get involved in asking some of these questions. However, I am not holding my breath on that!

  12. rafflaw: You are correct, I was being snarky. However, I would love to be able to ask his boss the same question. I want to hear how the famous expert on Constitutional law feels about the legality of torture and sensory deprivation of a pre-trial detainee. I really want that explained to me, because I must not be very smart since I cannot figure it out.

  13. OS,
    The Pvt. Manning question is a good one, but I am not sure that Manning’s treatment might be above VP Biden’s pay grade.

  14. I was watching his eyes. I have not seen such shifty eyes since I last interviewed a guy charged with two counts of first degree murder. Sorry, Mr. VP, your credibility sucks these days.

    I would have liked to ask him about Private Bradley Manning’s detention conditions, but his shifty eyes would probably have jumped clear out onto his nose.

  15. Raff,

    I think that’s exactly what they are doing – a version of the shell game.

  16. That is a good one Buddha. I would also like to ask him what are they basing the 2014 date on? Could they be trying to delay it beyond the election to make it less of an issue in 2012?

  17. I have a question for him:

    Why should the American public believe a single word coming out of your or any other politicians mouth at this point?

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