“Hot Tub Gang” in England Avoids Getting into Hot Water with Police

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Police in Lancashire, England, have been investigating a series of strange home burglaries. It appears the perpetrators of the burglaries like to target homes with hot tubs. The burglars sneak onto people’s property, soak in the spas, and then enter the homes and steal from their victims.

To date, there have been four such burglaries. The “hot tub gang” has allegedly stolen thousands of pounds worth of cash and goods—including a 42-inch plasma television, a laptop computer, and a Nintendo Wii games console.

At each of the two most recent burglaries, the gang tossed around garden furniture and left their wet underwear at the scene of the crime. Sgt. Holderness of the Lancashire Police said he wasn’t “sure if officers have seized the items to have them forensically tested.”

The burglars, who have not been identified, always make a “clean” getaway. No arrests have yet been reported. Police did not mention whether the burglars prefer boxers or tighty whities.

Source: The Telegraph

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  2. This is bizarre behavior … it’s almost as if the burglaries are an afterthought … yet a great deal is stolen … bizarre

  3. lol . . . the South Africans.

    You can say a lot of things about them, but you can’t say their criminals don’t know how to party.

    The fact that the driver was 32 (that’s right, thirty-two) times over the legal limit when stopped isn’t the most revealing part of this story.

    The motorist was driving near Queenstown in a Mercedes-Benz Vito (a van) at about 11:00PM local time on Wednesday when he was stopped by police. Five boys and a woman riding in the car were also arrested. Why you may ask if only the driver was able to strip varnish with his breath?

    It may have had something to do with the 15 sheep also in the van, allegedly stolen from nearby farms.

    No word on if the sheep had also been drinking.


  4. AY, LOL, a hot tub and a beer or two sure doesn’t leave me wanting to do larceny either. Those miscreants need to learn to relax.

  5. I could do the Hot Tub thing…..now about the burglary….not so much too much effort….

  6. There’s an update to a story that the Professor posted a while ago regarding the police killing of a Seattle woodcarver:

    “Seattle cop killed partially deaf man over closed knife, attorney insists”

    “King County District Judge Arthur Chapman ordered the dashboard camera video to be released after the Williams family, The Seattle Times and KING-TV requested it be made public.

    Williams, who came from a family of wood carvers, suffered from diabetes, deafness, seizures, mental illness, and drug addiction. He had been arrested over 100 times.

    Photos released released to the public show the knife was folded in a closed position when it was recovered minutes after the shooting.

    “Remember the very first thing that we saw was the picture of the knife wide open that the police department put out,” Tim Ford, attorney for the Williams family, told KOMO News. “And we know now that, as we’ve shown here, that the knife was closed.” ”


  7. Sounds like the police aren’t very interested in finding these soaked felons. Of course, I wouldn’t be too excited to be collecting wet and used underwear either! My money is on Julian Assange. He was probably using those places as safe houses!

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