Merry Christmas To All

Best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah.

Last night, I made our traditional Cioppino soup and then went to Midnight mass at St. Mary’s of the Lake to hear my 83 year old mother sing in the choir. Today, I am cooking the beef as well as the Yorkshire pudding, horseradish. and gravy. We will have the entire family clan over to the house.

Many of us are devastated by the news of Eric Fatla and he is in our thoughts and prayers as is his family today.

Jonathan Turley

Despite such sadness, I hope that everyone celebrating today will hold their loved ones particularly close and enjoy a wonderful day. It is a white Christmas in Chicago and beautiful outside.

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  1. “My children and grandchildren are down for the holiday season and I’ve not been online, while basking in the bosom of my family.”

    Bask on, Mike, and a happy holiday season to you too! I share your hope for the coming decade, as George Harrison said, “…with every mistake we must surly be learning…”

  2. A belated Merry Christmas to all. My children and grandchildren are down for the holiday season and I’ve not been online, while basking in the bosom of my family. May I be among the first though to wish everyone the happiest and healthiest of the coming year. In addition to the fulfillment of personal needs, let us hope that this new year, starting a new decade, will bring with it the beginning of a change that will recognize the relationship to all humanity that each of us has and our concomitant need to positively succor our fellow humans.

  3. What the “h”? Where did the “h” go?

    “Awake before his spouse.”

    Yes, I know of the “Corrections” place.

    I prefer to avoid being in Corrections custody.

    So I correct inline, if I am not out-of-line in doing so.

    To hum is erran.

  4. ‘Twas the day after Christmas,
    Awake before is spouse –
    Brian went searching,
    All through the house.

    A Present gone missing;
    Where could it be?
    Upstairs, downstairs, garage, car trunk,
    And under the tree.

    “Where could it be?”
    Brian thunk and thunk.
    Look and look and not see
    In a life buried in junk?

    Yet a junk is a boat
    that can sail the sea;
    And cross a moat
    Into reality?

    The junk of human life
    In a world of strife?
    Words that stab like a knife
    Stealing from life?

    Brian looked on a couch
    Where he may again slouch —
    Under a coat the present,
    Hid – as in a pouch.

    A container of dark
    chocolate covered cereal
    found a place to park
    hiding from humans, killers serial.

    Where is the ark?
    A truth —
    forsooth —
    To wisely hark?

    What is the present?
    Is it other than now?
    A way to not resent
    Every sacred cow?

    In a world profane –
    So much to yet gain –
    If we learn to refrain
    From denying the pain?

    World suffering in fears,
    the cause of which is near?
    Its cessation so very dear;
    Eightfold trail of tears?

    Past The Gate
    Not yet too late?
    Better sooner than later,
    The Great Educator.

    The Eternal Way remains untold
    Continuing forever to unfold,
    Understood through living
    In truthful kindness, giving.

    Michael, Gabriel, Asrael, Israfil, and jinn,
    In the midst of everyday din,
    Show us the way out of sin,
    So, from death, true life to win.

    Imminent transcendence
    The Nature of existence –
    Universe of life itself, able
    To understand the unknowable.

    Who gave marriage to The Giver of Life —
    The gift of giving, as though husband and wife:
    The complementary choices; conditional love
    Affirming the truth of unconditional love?

    Will we ever see how –
    The Present is now –
    The profane no less sacred, to avow,
    Than The Cow.

    The milk of kindness, sharing –
    Children to nourish,
    So children may flourish;
    Through self and others, caring.

    Suppose someone saw
    A way of Law,
    Every child can obey;
    In night as in day?

    In the darkest of night
    drowning in fear and fright…
    The Way and The Light,
    Ending endless fight?

  5. The big chill is on the way too. When you look at the water vape above look at the Cold air shooting down from Canada towards Texass.

  6. Swarthmore mom,

    So glad everyone loved the cake. That’s quite a Christmas menu!

    This year I didn’t make the almond cake. I made a BIG apple pie and two sour cream chocolate cakes. I frost the cakes with homemade whoopie pie filling and then coat them with a bittersweet chocolate glaze. My family LOVES my chocolate “muscovite” cake–even better than the almond cake.

    I ate so much rich food in the past two days that I think I’m going to have to go into calorie detox for a couple of weeks.

  7. Better late than never, Merry Christmas everyone. If you didn’t get any of the white stuff, the NE will get your share. Be sure to check out the Eagles game tonight. It will be played in a full on blizzard.

  8. Elaine: My daughter did make your cake, and everyone loved it. She did all the baking and helped with the cooking. We had rosemary crusted salmon with crimini mushrooms, roasted potatoes and parsnips, zucchini mushroom crumble, roasted winter squash with butter lettuce salad, maple glazed carrots, popovers, brie baked with fig apread and marcone almonds and other deserts, salads, and breads. We had a southwester dinner for thanksgving.

  9. I like Christmas more as an Atheist than I did as a Christian.

    I blame the kid.

    And now for the 2nd Christmas song I’ll admit to liking:


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