Prayers For Eric Fatla

I am afraid that I have some devastating news for the George Washington community.  Late last night, shortly before leaving for midnight mass in Chicago, I learned that evening law student Eric Fatla had a horrible accident while visiting with his family in Chicago.  He reportedly fell four stories and suffered traumatic brain injury. The family is reaching out to his friends and asking for prayers.  He is given less than a five percent chance of survival and the next two days are critical.

His father found him on the ground and did not see the fell.  The club is reviewing videotapes to determine what happened.

I am in Chicago for Christmas and I will be speaking with his mother this morning. They have asked me to reach out to those how know Eric and this is one of the fastest ways that I know since many law students check the blog.

Please keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers today.

Jonathan Turley

28 thoughts on “Prayers For Eric Fatla”

  1. FF LEo,

    You get up in the morning and expect that things will be the way you left them the night before….you have faith….its that simple….thoughts are transmitted the same way….think of the last time you had a glimpse of someone in your mind….then the next thing the phone rings and alla it is them….

  2. Thank you for those wonderful words, Otteray Scribe, as one who also lost a son, they capture so well the ever present sorrow of a grieving parent.

    I hope the sentiments expressed here will be of some solace to Eric’s parents, family and friends in the coming days, for they are sincerely meant as comfort from one human being to another.

  3. Bless him and his loved ones. As one who knows, his parents will never have a day, as long as they draw a breath, that they do not think of him. Not a day. We cannot stand in their shoes, but we can stand beside them in vigil.

    For Eric, Godspeed on your journey to forever….

    The pipers play for Eric this evening. This pipe tune, “Mull of Kintyre,” was piped at the memorial service for my son. I share it this evening with Eric’s parents. Godspeed, Eric..


  4. m,

    Thank you for the update.

    Eric made new friends through this tragic ordeal.

  5. Kate,

    You’re most welcome. Again, though, I’m just guessing, given my own experiences and the lack of news. It depends on the locale.

    I hope that Eric, his parents, loved ones and friends are blessed with an abundance of kindness and compassion during this terrible time. (You’re right, Kate, that kindness sometimes seems to be in short supply. Hopefully that won’t be true, in this case.)

  6. Thank you for the information, Nurse; I didn’t know that the media still did that. I mean, who would expect kindness nowadays? My sympathy to his family and friends.

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