Prayers For Eric Fatla

I am afraid that I have some devastating news for the George Washington community.  Late last night, shortly before leaving for midnight mass in Chicago, I learned that evening law student Eric Fatla had a horrible accident while visiting with his family in Chicago.  He reportedly fell four stories and suffered traumatic brain injury. The family is reaching out to his friends and asking for prayers.  He is given less than a five percent chance of survival and the next two days are critical.

His father found him on the ground and did not see the fell.  The club is reviewing videotapes to determine what happened.

I am in Chicago for Christmas and I will be speaking with his mother this morning. They have asked me to reach out to those how know Eric and this is one of the fastest ways that I know since many law students check the blog.

Please keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers today.

Jonathan Turley

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  1. I have been speaking with Eric’s parents, who remain at his bedside. Things look very bad for Eric. I will post something with any positive or negative developments but thus far there is no new news.

  2. Foggy Bottom:

    “And to the two self-important clowns who feel that this is the proper forum to have a debate about religion…Please remember that this is about a young man who may lose his life…”


    I find this a forum, i.e., a place where people can speak their minds. No time is that more important than in serious circumstances. This a tragedy to be sure, but how dare you decide how a respectful, well-wisher like FFLeo responds. You have neither the right nor the gravitas here for that. Foggy Bottom? Foggy Head too it seems.

  3. Kate,

    Sometimes, at the request of the family, stories are “held.” I’m not sure in this case, but it’s possible that the family asked that this remain a private matter for now.

  4. Why can’t I find anything about this in the Chicago media? I searched the Tribune and Sun-Times and three TV sites, but there’s no mention of this, nor is there any other hit from a Yahoo search except this one on Jonathan’s site.

  5. Eric was a son, grandson and brother. My heart is with the Fatla family right now during this terrible time.

  6. Foggy Bottom,

    After I posted, I expected a comment such as yours. I reviewed the original topic post and understood that the family asked for prayers and more specifically from friends who know Mr. Fatla, which I do not. However, I could not move my post to the Christmas thread above, where his accident was also mentioned.
    My intent was to see if we could get a fund started for him (or if one had been established) because he and his parents are going to need the secular power of money to help him receive the best treatment and to pay the bills, regardless of all of the prayers and good wishes they receive. Since a number of his friends/classmates/GW students and others are likely to see this thread, perhaps some who had not considered contributions to a fund might consider contributing if they see that a complete stranger, who does not know Mr. Fatla or anything about him except that he is a GW law student, wants to help the only way he can, if possible.

    If anyone deserves castigation for posting here, it is I alone. The others simply tried to explain what I stated that I did not understand.

    If a PayPal fund is created, please consider contributing whatever amount you can afford.

    Thank you.

    (I will not be able to respond today since I will ba away from my computer until tomorrow)

  7. My thoughts and prayers go out to this young man and his family. It’s a true tragedy.

    And to the two self-important clowns who feel that this is the proper forum to have a debate about religion…Please remember that this is about a young man who may lose his life. No one is impressed by your intellectual ramblings about faith. While I’m sure almost eveyone is impressed with your esoteric thoughts, I’m equally sure that almost everyone is disgusted by your decision to hijack this thread with your arrogance.

  8. May God comfort the family of Eric, guide the medical staff, and protect Eric on his journey through this brief life we all must live until called to do otherwise.

  9. LEO

    I too am an atheist, but I also have seen the power of the kind of human-to-human energy Mespo mentioned. It isn’t necessarily praying, doesn’t even have to be about anything spiritual. It’s about deliberately concentrating and focussing one’s personal energy. On the other hand, a scientist friend once cautioned me to remember that the plural of anecdote is not data.

    That said, your point of focussing on our concerns for the Fatla family is indeed the more important.

  10. Mespo,

    With the utmost of respect, albeit with the utmost of skepticism, I reject most of what you just stated. However, the most important aspect is that you, others, and I sense compassion/ sympathy/empathy for Mr. Fatla, his family, and his friends. The major difference is how we choose to display—or how our psychological conditioning predisposes us to act upon—those emotions and concerns.

  11. FFLeo:

    “As an atheist, I cannot offer prayer and I never understood how hope, wishes, positive energies, et cetera, are magically transmitted from mind to mind thousands of miles apart to affect a physical intervention.”


    It is a little counter-intuitive but we know that living things feel an energy from their own or other species. Sharks sense minute electrical impulses from many fathoms away to locate prey. Plants are said to react to human consciousness as suggested by the famous “Organic Biofield Sensor” experiments in the 1970’s. Many Eastern philosophies and religions, teach a universal energy among all living things that serves as a unifying force (‘chi”), so I think sending out good thoughts to a family in distress to lend emotional support makes some rational sense. To follow Pascal’s logic, it can’t hurt and it might help.

  12. My heart goes out to Eric Fatla’s family. Less than a five percent chance of survival is not good, and even if by some miracle he survives, the injuries are obviously devastating. As one who had lost a son, these kinds of stories cut close to home. I wish all those who knew and loved him a large helping of care and compassion. Bless them all.

    Professor Turley, please keep us informed on his condition, and if he survives, his progress.

  13. Know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you and Eric’s family and friends today. May comfort and courage embrace you all.

  14. As an atheist, I cannot offer prayer and I never understood how hope, wishes, positive energies, et cetera, are magically transmitted from mind to mind thousands of miles apart to affect a physical intervention. However, I have experienced the tragedy of family loss and suffering and I can extend the only honest offering I can by pledging to give at least $100.00 to a fund in Mr. Fatla’s name through a secure PayPal account set up by Professor Turley or someone he knows and trusts. The funds from a pool of contributors could help defray some of the costs accrued from ensuring that Mr. Fatla had the best possible medical care available to him.

    Although I do not know much about this business of lawyering, the dedication displayed by those who go to law school in the evening—often after working long hours during the day and sometimes with additional family commitments—states a lot about a person’s dedication and character. I had a similar discussion regarding ‘night school’ law students with Rafflaw several months ago within this blawg.

  15. May the consoling of prayers, friends and family bring comfort to the Fatla family in this time of need, our hearts, mind & prayers are with you.

  16. This is distressing news. Our prayers, thoughts and positive energy are with the Fatla family and for their son Eric. May this one Christmas wish come true . . . may your son be restored to your loving arms again.

  17. My family sends prayers to the Fatla family, too. I am grateful that my 1l is still asleep in my home.

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