Florida Officer Arrested After Video Shows Him Punching Inmate

The video below has resulted in the arrest of a Brooksville Florida police officer, Detention Sgt. David Dixon, after he was shown punching an inmate in the face for no apparent reason. The sheriff said that man was just “running his mouth” and did not deserve to be punched at the Hernando County Jail.

The man, Brian McCormack, 22, had been arrested on a charge of obstruction without violence when he allegedly prevented police from treating an overdose victim.

Dixon was fired from the force and then arrested on a battery charge.

Source: The Daily Blender and Tampa Bay

24 thoughts on “Florida Officer Arrested After Video Shows Him Punching Inmate”

  1. Blouise, I am glad to hear all is well and you will be spending this holiday with the better half, and he with his better half too 🙂

  2. Blouise,
    I don’t remember the Gore Vidal interview.Very interesting. I will have to look for it online. I second your final thought!!

  3. rafflaw,

    Gore Vidal had some interesting things to say about the Massacre long before it took place. He’d taped a show with Johnny Carson … one that Carson intended to use in case of an emergency and the regular scheduled show couldn’t be aired. After the Massacre Carson decided to run the tape as he thought it was important for Americans to hear Vidal’s warnings from months before the Massacre.

    Basically Vidal was warning students that the Nixon Administration was planning “something” horrific for a university campus … he didn’t know when it was to happen or where but he was warning kids and their parents that it was in the “works”.

    Obviously Ohio’s Gov. Rhodes, a fellow republican, stepped up to the plate and allowed Nixon’s plan to unfold on the Kent State Campus. Bastards … may they all rot in hell!

  4. Blousie,
    Glad that all is well and I appreciated the Kent State rememberance. That day altered my life. As a college Freshmen, seeing my peers shot down for expressing their First Amendment rights was devastating. I never viewed authority in the same way since.
    You are right that it was unusual that this cop was not only fired, but charged for his abuse. If other police departments could only learn a lesson from this Brookville Florida police department’s actions, we would all be better off.

  5. eniobob,

    Very appropriate … thank you, my dear, and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    I’m waiting for your “bittersweet” remembrance … 🙂

  6. Blouise:

    “By the way … I spoke too soon the other day … red lights were flashing in my driveway on Weds…. bringing him home today … all is well.”

    I think this is appropriate:

    “Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.
    Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), On Friendship, 44 B”

  7. Lotta,

    Yay … that too

    By the way … I spoke too soon the other day … red lights were flashing in my driveway on Weds…. bringing him home today … all is well.

  8. What makes this story newsworthy is that the cop was fired and arrested. I’m shocked, shocked.

  9. Blouise, “my rose colored glasses remained clouded from that day forward.”

    But the veil fell away from your eyes…

  10. Bukko Canukko and eniobob,

    I remember something from the Kent State Massacre … the girl crying and screaming that she thought the bullets were blanks and the guy walking past her muttering …”&*%$, the bullets are always real … the guns are always loaded.” … my rose colored glasses remained clouded from that day forward.

  11. Just one punch? That’s nothing, in the annals of routine police brutality. I wonder whether Sgt. Dixon was on the wrong side of someone else in the sheriff’s office, who used this as an excuse to bust him. Police do cruel crap like this all the time. Just wait until torture like smotherbagging (aka “waterboarding”) and “stress positions” become widespread in U.S. police stations. Within two years, I predict.

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