Is It Relevant Whether Casey Anthony Was “Clingy”

The court in the trial of Casey Anthony has been asked to bar questions over her sex life and habits. She is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Police have gathered evidence on such facts as whether she was “clingy” after sex or had unprotected sex.

These type of questions can have obvious prejudicial impact for a defendant. It is difficult to see the relevance to a murder trial.

The police had asked the questions of her boyfriend, Anthony Rosciano.

Notably, the prosecutors will have to explain how they would use such information at trial — giving the defense a glimpse of their case. They would be wise to par down these issues. Otherwise, to fight for the disclosure of facts like unprotected sex, the prosecutors will appear to be striving for prejudicial impact.

Source: Washington Post

Jonathan Turley

5 thoughts on “Is It Relevant Whether Casey Anthony Was “Clingy””

  1. Relevant? Of course not. This type of question says a lot more about the investigators than it says about Ms Anthony.

  2. any jury here in central fla. is tainted. the coverage on her has been nonstop.

  3. Sounds like a fishing exhibition meant to prejudice the jury. I don’t think it can be explained any other way.

  4. Not being a lawyer I wonder how many cases are won or lost during discovery.

    I’d love to know what their thinking is on getting this info, it does not seem to make sense for the state, I could see the defense using it if they thought they could cast doubt on mental competence.

  5. Question does it really matter….will she be afforded a fair trial? Or is this just the beginning of a long bad trail…

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