Happy Feet, Unhappy Landing: Penguin Chooses Poor Escape Route From German Zoo

A penguin in Germany has learned the meaning of “out of frying pan and into the fire.” The penguin named Leona succeeded in escaping from her enclosure only to find itself in the Lion’s den with a bunch of sleeping lions. I am not sure what passes for swearing among African Penguins, but I am sure if you listened real hard you could hear a few choice words upon the landing of this particular bird.

The poor choice of an escape route occurred at the Münster Zoo in western Germany. With a copious amount of herring and coaxing, the penguin was removed before the lions woke up.

If it is any value to the three-month old Leona, humans have made similar bad choices.

It may come as something of a surprise, but one human has decided to live with lions for 30 days to raise money.

Source: Reddit and Spiegel

11 thoughts on “Happy Feet, Unhappy Landing: Penguin Chooses Poor Escape Route From German Zoo”

  1. I haven’t seen that cartoon in eons! Fabulous!! I wonder how many now would recognize that ‘American down on his luck’?

  2. My mother Leona would have talked them to death, and given them a guilt trip on the way to the funeral.

  3. The zoo in St’ Paul, MN has a rare white peacock that was allowed to roam the grounds. That is HAD, until one day it hopped into the polar bear exhibit. The it had a full polar bear!

  4. say, pardon me, but could you help out fellow american who’s down on his luck.

    my favorite wabbit

  5. Another little penguin with happy feet:


  6. Bob, Esq., I love the Bugs Bunnt video!
    That is one lucky penguin. It would have made for a good snack for his/her neighbor!

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