Video: Police Officer Shown Beating and Then Pepper Spraying a Man in St. Louis

There is a public outcry over the video below showing St. Louis City police officer Dustin Ries beating a man with his baton outside of a St. Louis gas station. The police officer insisted that the man was drunk and unruly but the officer seems to use his baton immediately after grabbing the man and then pepper sprays him after striking him repeatedly.

This video was shot on a cell phone about 2:30 on New Years Day morning. An unnamed witness states that the man had told the officer to shut up and the officer proceeded to beat him without provocation. However, the gasoline station owner Joel Platke supports the officer.

The department is investigating but called the video “extremely disturbing.” This could obviously lead to a civil tort action for battery as well as criminal charges against the officer.

Reis has reportedly been named in two prior excessive force lawsuits.

While the angle of the video does not offer a full view, my review of video suggests excessive force was used. What do you think?

Source: Reddit

Jonathan Turley

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  1. I wonder if this counts as defensive training credits for the new year…they do have to be properly prepared for all types of situations..

  2. BBB, that officer should thank his lucky-stars that I was not there and witnessed his attack on that victim. 🙂

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