Colorado Senator Accused of Causing Wreck and Putting Grandson Back Into Car Seat After Being Ejected

Colorado Senator Suzanne Williams (Dem. Aurora) is being accused of an extraordinary act in Amarillo, Texas. Police allege that, after her 3-year-old grandson was ejected in a head-on accident, Williams placed him back into a seat in her SUV after the wreck.

Police allege that her two grandchildren were lying down in the back of the vehicle while Williams was driving. Her son was also ejected in the wreck.

The wreck resulted in the death of Brianna Gomez, a pregnant woman who was a passenger in the other vehicle. Doctors were unable to save her unborn son. Gomez and her husband were wearing seat belts and their two children were secured in safety seats.

Making matters worse for Williams, she is accused of drifting into oncoming traffic in her Honda CRV before colliding into the Gomez vehicle. Notably, Williams has called for stricter child child restraint laws in Colorado.

At a minimum, she is looking at a wrongful death action and could be charged with obstruction if the grand jury believes that she placed the child back in the seat to hide culpability. She could obviously argue that she was acting instinctively in putting the child back in the car. The question is whether Williams will seek the opportunity to speak to the grand jury. Usually defense lawyers strongly discourage clients from appearing before grand juries where they are not allowed defense counsel and the rules of evidence do not apply. However, in a defense based on motivation, she may not want to risk leaving the matter to the jurors — and the prosecutors.

Her Senate bio states:

Senator Suzanne Williams (South Aurora) is serving her second 4-year term in the State Senate after serving eight years in the Colorado House of Representatives. Senator Williams is the only registered American Indian state legislator in Colorado. Currently, she serves as the Democratic Caucus chair. Senator Williams worked for 22 years as a special education teacher in the Cherry Creek School District. She is a champion for children and Native American issues.

Source: 9News and Reddit

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  1. I am from Dalhart and researching this case out of personal interest. I believe if she really cared about the laws she advocates she would not have been put in this position. It is horrible and appalling to think that this woman has nothing to say but to say how horrible it has been on her and her family with no regard to the life she took and how it affected that family.

    “It’s a tragedy that I now have a personal experience with a highway accident,” she said. “It’s been very traumatic.”

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  2. The mother that was in the car the senator hit died at the hospital. The removed the unborn child by c-section to try and save him. Our community is deeply sadden by these deaths.

  3. what about the family she hit – any info on them?? Her husband was a coach, and she didnt lose her baby – now the husband is having stop coaching and take care of 3 small children without his highschool sweetheart.

  4. nellibly,
    If you move a person who has serious injuries, you may do more damage to them. the best thing is to protect them, redirect traffic and get the medical help asap. What she did was potentially harm the child evern more and then she tried to cover her backside!

  5. However the child ended up in the street, surely no one expected her to leave him sitting there until police arrived.

  6. Her sense of responsibility to the children and to their parents was non-existent … she’s done

  7. This is one sick representative. Having two young grandchildren, I just can’t imagine not securing them in their infant seats. What kept her in the vehicle? I would not want to bring this matter in front of a civil jury for damages. The Sky would be the limit.
    As a side matter, as someone who has mainly practiced on the transactional side of he Law, I have never understaood why potential indictees attorneys are not allowed into the Grand Jury room with their clients. I understand the secrecy issue, but if the attorney is necessary and vital at trial, he/she is necessary and vital at the beginning stages of a criminal matter.

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